Vicente Luque vs. Bryan Barberena: Fight Breakdown

Vicente Luque (14-6-1, 7-2 in UFC) vs. Bryan Barberena (13-5, 5-3 in UFC)


Luque is a well rounded fighter, however his striking is his most valuable asset in the cage. Of Luque’s 7 octagon wins, 4 have come by way of knockout. Even with some of the submissions that Luque has garnered, Luque managed to drop some of his opponents with well timed strikes en route to the finish. His muay thai style makes for an aggressive style that has helped produce 13 finishes of his 14 total career wins.

Bryan Barberena has notable knockout power, a swift lead right hook and fights well on the inside. His close quarters boxing is dangerous and recently earned him a TKO win over Jake Ellenberger. While Barberena’s striking is dangerous, it is fairly straightforward. Which means it’s not very diverse and can be offset with a good counter game.

Advantage: Luque


Barberena has primarily utilized his wrestling throughout his career, more so than Luque. Vicente, however, is a BJJ brown belt and has shown a technical prowess for fighting on the ground. His ability to defend the takedown however is sub-par. Luque can hold his own in the clinch, but Barberena can get his best takedowns in the tie-up.

Advantage: Baberena


Barberena is only a blue belt in BJJ while Luque is a brown belt who also possesses 6 submission victories over Bryan’s 2. Baberena is more the ground and pound type and will always look for the TKO before the sub. Luque has, more often than not, garnered his submissions following a knockdown on the feet, but is statistically more successful at applying the sub and finishing than Bryan is.

Advantage: Luque

Pick: Luque

The Brazilian fighter has been on a roll as of late and is seemingly taking this fight as a means to stylistically view how he contends with a more wrestle-style. A test he is likely to pass with flying colors.

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