Valley Fight Series 3 Results

The Wake House in Reedley, California had an exciting Saturday night, when they paired with Valley Fight Series and featured the Valley Fight Series 3.   It has been many years since amateur fighters had an opportunity to display their abilities and skills in Reedley, and they did not disappoint.  With 10 fights lined up, The Wake House and VFS succeeded with an almost full venue.

1st fight of the night was Severiano Perez (Fresno) vs Isaiah Perez (Reedley). Severiano started the fight off demonstrating his stand up capabilities with jab combinations.  Isaiah attempted a counter with a takedown but Severiano breaks out.  The first round ends with Severiano dominating with his stand up.  2nd Round, Severiano continues dominating with his stand up. Severiano succeeds with the first body slam of the night, slamming Isaiah to the canvas and begins delivering strikes.  Ref calls the fight at 13 seconds in the 2nd round, Severiano as the winner by TKO.


2nd fight of the night was debuting fighters, James Delsid (Woodland Hills) and Ruben M Hernandez Rivera (Stockton).  1st Round Ruben comes in strong with his striking but attempts a take down on James.  James gains control and claims the take down gaining control.  Round ends with James maintaining control.  2nd round, James begins demonstrating some of his stand up, exchanging blows with Ruben.  James drops Ruben with a right and follows him to canvas for ground and pound.  During ground and pound, ref intervenes and calls the fight; James Delsid winner by TKO in 2ndround at 1:08 seconds.  This is Ground and Pound of the Night.


3rd fight is Simon Paez (Orange Cove) vs Jordon Vazquez (San Jose).  This fight ended quickly, first round with Jordon displaying an excellent combination of a jab and right.  Simon attempts a takedown but Jordon counters and keeps the fight standing.  Jordon continues with superior striking, favoring the jab and right punch.  One of Jordan’s rights delivers a devastating blow, and Simon is down.  Ref calls the fight, Jordan Vazquez is winner by TKO, 17 seconds in first round.  This is the Knockout of the Night.


4th fight of the night is Martin Gomez (Visalia) vs Devin Hanna (Stockton).  In the first round, Devin attempts to gain control with a ttakedown Martin counters and locks Devin in a guillotine. Devin is saved by the end of the of the 1st round.  At the beginning of the Second round, fighters exchange blows.  Devin drops to the canvas from a right punch from Martin.  Martin gains half guard and finishes the 2nd round with ground and pound. 3rd Round, Martin demonstrates his boxing skills.  Devin counters with an attempted takedown but Martin maintains control.  The 3rd round ends with Martin dominating with his striking.  Martin wins by Judges Unanimous Decision.


5th fight is Peter Silva (Los Angeles) vs Jonathan Reul (San Jose).  1st round begins with Jonathan delivering devastating blows to Peter.  Peter drops Jonathan with a double leg takedown but lands in half guard, ending the round with Peter’s ground and pound.  2nd round begins with fighters exchanging blows; Jonathan lands a right punch that drops Peter to the canvas.  Jonathan continues his strikes and Peter can’t defend.  Ref calls the fight 52 seconds into the 2nd Round, making Jonathan Reul winner by TKO.


6th fight is Jose Gonzalez (Parlier) vs Sterling Ingram (Hanford).  1st Round Jose attempts to start the fight off with low kicks to Sterling but Sterling delivers a hard round house kick.  Sterling takes the fight to the ground at the end of the 1st round.  2nd round, there is an exchange of blows with Sterling dominating with kicks. Fighters end up in the clinch, and Jose takes fight to the ground at the end of the round.  3rd round, Sterling continues his assault of kicks and strikes.  Jose is unable to land any strikes.  Sterling’s punishment causes Jose to start bleeding.  Ref intervenes and calls the fight in the 3rd round at 1:55 seconds, Sterling winner by TKO.


7th fight of the night is Drew Preheim (Visalia) vs Omar El-sahiah (San Jose).  Beginning of 1st round, after a short exchange, Drew initiates take down and lands in half guard.  Drew begins landing some strikes but Omar is able to position into guard and starts his own assault.  After a short ground and pound, ref steps in and ends the fight; Omar winner in 1st round at 1:57 seconds by TKO.


8th fight is Joseph Fernandez (Dinuba) vs Craig Solesbee (San Jose).  At the beginning of the 1st round, Joseph does a one leg take down but Craig gains full mount and begins ground and pound. Joseph escapes and brings the fight back to standing just in time to deliver a left hook, dropping Craig back to the canvas.  The 2nd round begins with a strong kick exchange.  Joseph ends the exchange with a right punch, dropping Craig.  Ref calls the fight in the 2nd round at 34 seconds; Joseph the winner by TKO.


The 9th fight of the night was a title fight Light Weight Division for Valley Fight Series featuring David Mariscal (Farmersville) vs Bryant Franklin Jr (Fresno).  1st round started off with Bryant capitalizing on his reach over David with striking.  Bryant attempted a takedown, but David almost takes Bryant’s back.  The fight goes back to standing at the end of the round.  2nd round, Bryant continues to try and dominate with striking, but Davided closes in and gets a double leg takedown.  Bryant escapes and the fight goes back to standing.  Bryant attempted a takedown, but David was able to lock Bryant’s head and prevent the take down at the end of the round.  3rd round, Bryant lands a leg kick, but David is able to take him down again.  After landing a few strikes, David is able to take Bryant’s back but can’t lock it out.  Fight goes back to standing just as the round ends.  David wins the title by Unanimous Decision.


The 10th and last fight of the night was Ruben Castaneda Jr (Reedley) vs Jose “AJ” Perez (Fresno).  In the 1st round, AJ lands a strong right punch that drops Ruben.  As Ruben rises; AJ locks Ruben, lifts him and slams him to the canvas. After some ground and pound, the fight goes back to standing.  The round ends with both fighters exchanging powerful striking.  Round #2, AJ aggresses forward through Ruben’s striking and manages another body slam.  Round ends with AJ dominating with groundwork.  The last round, both fighters stay standing and exchanging strikes.  AJ continues to be the aggressor, rushing Ruben with powerful combinations.  Ruben brings AJ into the clinch and AJ continues to fight through it.  Fight goes to the judges who decide AJ winner, by Unanimous Decision.  This is also deemed Fight of the Night.

By: Jesalyn Mae Harper





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