GLORY 52 Results: Robin van Roosmalen is the new undisputed Glory Featherweight champion

In the main event of Glory 52 in Los Angeles, two Featherweight champions met inside the ring, with only one going home the undisputed GLORY Kickboxing Featherweight champion.

Former GLORY Lightweight champion and reigning Featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen faced off against the interim Featherweight champion Kevin VanNostrand in a battle that would combine the two championships.

At the beginning of the fight, it was made apparent quick that VanNostrand would not be just any challenger. He pressure Robin early and landed multiple knees and kicks to the body as van Roosmalen worked early to establish offense with a reach disadvantage. VanNostrand also landed mild hooks in a handful of combinations to start the round that busted up the nose of the champion.

In the second round, van Roosmalen came out noticeably more aggressive as he wanted to establish momentum early. Van Roosmalen would pin VanNostrand against the corner post and landed multiple hooks that garnered points. VanNostrand was quick to recover to the center and looked to revive his reach advantage, landing jab-leg kick combinations. Van Roosmalen looked for multiple overhand right punches. However VanNostrand was quick to clinch and fire off knees. Van Roosmalen began to fire off more leg kicks of his own, hoping to hide more overhand shots behind them. After landing some punches mildly, the second round would come to an end, leaving many to ponder as this one was close.

The third round starts and Van Roosmalen is quick to look for leg kicks and the overhand right. VanNostrand stayed mobile and was able to avoid the bulk of van Roosmalen’s harder punches but continued to eat Robin’s leg kicks. Midway through the round, van Roosmalen finally found momentum as he skimmed a head kick that left an opening for a multitude of punches that wobbled the challenger. Van Roosmalen continued to lay on the pressure, landing multiple hooks to the body and head en route to a flurry finish. However, VanNostrand would survive the round, the most dominant of the fight thus far for either fighter.

Van Roosmalen would answer the start of the fourth bell eagerly looking to finish the fight after such a successful third round. While able to land early and often, VanNostrand was still mobile enough to avoid the most damaging of van Roosmalen’s shots in the starting minute. But van Roosmalen would not let up, continuously landing both kicks and punches that kept Kevin reeling on the back foot for the near entirety of the fourth round.

Not about to let up, van Roosmalen came out to the final bell eager to obtain the finish that had so closely eluded him in the previous two rounds. VanNostrand looked fatigued and could only fortify his defense as van Roosmalen hectically attacked with hooks and leg kicks, hoping to open up the defense of the challenger. Unable to muster up any more offense, VanNostrand proceeded to simply avoid contact with the champion in the final minute, visually inciting the crowd to show their support for who would likely be crowned the reigning and defending champion.

Van Roosmalen would take home the unanimous decision judges victory the now undisputed GLORY Kickboxing Featherweight champion. Robin would improve to 51-16-3 and 16-3-1 inside the GLORY ring.

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