California Cage Wars founder Joe Phebus looking to bring a “fair competitive playing field” to the amateurs

This Sunday, March 4, California Cage Wars brings about its fourth fight card to the Valley Center at the San Pasqual Reservation in California.

The card will be ripe with amateur talent and will be headlined by a bout between 1 and 2. CCW debuted in September of 2017. The inaugural event was headlined by Shad Smith and former UFC veteran Robbie Peralta. It has since spawned near bi-monthly events that have quickly pulled in the southern California fans of mixed martial arts.

CCW founder and former fighter Joseph Phebus is currently committed to putting on events with fights that are sensible and will help the next generation of fighters grow prudently.

“As a former MMA facility owner and trainer i just wanted to offer a fair competitive playing field for amateurs and professionals to compete I feel we are doing that.”

The varient force behind this promotion, Joe Phebus, is the owner and matchmaker.  The veteran promoter has organized previous shows at other casinos in the state of California and Nevada such as Golden Acorn, Sycuan and Viejas as well as in major cities such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Phebus believes that the Southern California, specifically the San Diego market as a whole is starving for regional mixed martial arts events of this type and he’s looking to fill that void. However, Phebus wants to add legitimacy to his events, and will do so only by featuring fighters on his shows that he knows belong there.

“We’re not looking to put guys in scary situations. I am looking for legitimate fighters who are looking to go somewhere in this sport. If your some average Joe who comes to an event and is like ‘Oh I’ll go in there and fight’, then you’re not who I’m looking for.”

The event is not without controversy however as the event will go unsanctioned and will take place on an Indian reservation. California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster said during a commission meeting in September of last year, regarding the now defunct Xplode Fight Series that he would ignore victories obtained in unsanctioned events when vetting the matchmaking of CSAC-regulated promotions.

But while only featuring amateur fights, being able to hold his shows on land owned by the San Pasqual tribe enables Phebus to operate the production the way he sees fit without oversight from the state of California. Phebus has his hand in virtually every facet of the operation from the actual matchmaking, to the selection of judges and referees, even down to the detailing and quality of the gloves used.

“The events will now be held at a clean and distinguished venue,” said Phebus. “The fighters can be proud to fight there, the fans will love it, and the environment will be what these fighters will come to expect the further on in their career they continue.”

California Cage Wars 4 will take place at the San Pasqual Reservation in Valley Center, California on March 4 and can be viewed live via their official Facebook page California Cage Wars. UFC veterans Joe “Daddy” Stevenson and Tom Gallicchio will do commentary for the nights proceedings. Tickets for the event can be found Here.

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  1. So being on a Indian reservation in California means they also don’t need to comply with doping rules, how fair is that Joseph? I’d reconsider your events at least the ones on California reservations.


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