Ronda Rousey officially joins the WWE

For the past several months, speculation was rampant as to whether or not former Ultimate Fighting Championship Bantamweight queen “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey would finally jump ship from mixed martial arts to the world of professional wrestling.

More recently Rousey had been hard at work convincing the world that she was not appearing at the 2018 Royal Rumble, an event set to feature a historic and inaugural 30-woman Royal Rumble match. The explanation given as to why she wouldn’t was that she was scheduled to be in South America filming the action flick Mile 22.

TMZ caught her at the airport leaving. Her Instagram account started updating with photos of her on set in Columbia. She even popped up on the Instagrams of other Mile 22 cast and crew.

It’s not been answered as to how she could’ve been back in the states so soon, as the WWE event was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but Ronda Rousey did indeed make her much anticipated WWE return after the women’s Royal Rumble match ended. It was all a bit of a confusing moment. Pro wrestler Asuka had just won the Rumble and was in the ring choosing whether she’d fight the Smackdown or RAW women’s champion. All of a sudden, Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation kicked off, and the crowd went wild. Rousey, decked out in vintage “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (the pro wrestler whose name Rousey has garnered her nickname from) gear, made her way to the ring and looked to shake the hand of Asuka who snuffed her. Rousey then pointed to the enlarged Wrestlemania sign in the upper levels of the stadium.

At the conclusion of the event, ESPN reported that Ronda had signed a full-time contract with the WWE. She did an immediate sit-down interview stating that she would be a part of the WWE roster for the next few years.

Monday Night RAW on Jan. 29 is set to feature her television debut with the company.


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