Former Boxing Champ Terri Moss Talks MMA, Underground Showdown 2

Hard-hitting boxing action is set to go down this Saturday in Atlanta, as the Underground Showdown series makes its return to Buckhead Fight Club for the second time.

The card, which features an all-professional boxing card, is headlined by #2 ranked Helen Joseph (14-3-1) and Elizabeth “Betty” Anderson (5-8-0), who will be fighting for the vacant women’s WBF bantamweight championship.

Underground Showdown 2 builds off the momentum of the first event that took place earlier this year, which did big numbers for fight promoter Terri Moss.

“It turned out better than I expected. We had a lot of fights on the card. I couldn’t believe how great the support was,” said Moss.

With the success of her last show, the decision to bring Underground Showdown back to Atlanta was an easy one, especially with two women competing in the main event.

“We’re looking forward to seeing some really great action. I’m excited to be putting on a women’s title fight, number one, because of my history. But then to make it a main event – I think Laila Ali fought here – but other than Laila, I think this is one of the first women’s title fights to take place in Atlanta,” said Moss.

The background Moss refers to, of course, is her professional boxing career, during which she won the WIBF Strawweight World Title and the WIBA Mini Flyweight Intercontinental Title. After retiring to work as a full-time boxing trainer, she was inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015.

Moss has gained fame on a local and national stage as one of the first fight promoters to feature amateur fighters holding down day jobs in the corporate world. The fight series is aptly named Corporate Fight Night. While the last Corporate Fight Night card was made up primarily of boxing bouts, the headliner took place under MMA rules. With the success of the event, “The Boss” is looking to promote more MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai fights down the road.

“It’s something I want to look in to more. We’re going to play with it a little bit more with Corporate Fight Night, just to get some more connections. I talked to some people about it, but I got a little bit of a shut door. But, that’s OK. I’m probably going to get that a little bit,” said Moss on her experience with MMA.

“But, I do enjoy it, and want to get into it, because it adds a whole new perspective to my game. I like promoting across MMA and even Kickboxing. So, that’s something I plan to do. We’re already planning on putting [MMA] on the next corporate show,” said Moss.

Time will tell if Moss continues to promote multiple combat sports, but in the meantime, her focus will be on Saturday’s show, which also features returning Underground Showdown featherweight fighter Deonte Brown (1-0) as he takes on Gabriel Braxton,(2-18-0), and heavyweight action with Jeremiah Williams (3-11-1) taking on Sugi Foxx, (1-13-1).

Atlanta fight fans can purchase tickets for this weekend’s Underground Showdown 2 card by clicking here. Tickets can also be purchased at the door. For more info, visit

Ray Higginbotham is a writer and avid fan of MMA. For more content, follow him on Twitter @_MMARAY.

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