The Polish Princess Returns

By: Brandon Kaplan
Karolina Kowalkiewicz
Karolina is a perennial top 5 contender in the UFC’s straw weight division. Her only losses have come to Joanna Champion as well as Claudia Gadehla, and she has proven herself to be worthy of top tier status by demolishing Rose Namajunas over the latter course of their fight. This Polish Pistola has a non stop style with deceptive power in her voluminous punches, and exceptional durability for her weight class. Karolina not only managed to knock the champion down late in their fight, but absorb 25 minutes of punishment from the 115 pound queen. Karolina still has a ton of untapped potential, and her heart is unmatched!

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Jodie Esquibel:
Jodie is a long time women’s mma staple making her Invicta FC run in early 2013. She actually premiered on the amateur circuit in 2004, but only decided to go professional nearly 7 year later in 2011. Jodie is an experienced grappler with a solid top game and ambitious spirit, although her records indicated inexperience, that is hardly the case as she has been a martial artist her entire life. She will welcome Karolina K with open arms this Saturday in Poland, and her grappling style may pose an interesting threat to Princess at 115 pounds.
Matchup and Breakdown:
To be frank, this fight seems to be a mis match of sorts. Karolina will be in her home nation of Poland, and although she is coming off a first round submission loss to Claudia Gadehla, the skill gap between her and Jodie is still quite evident. Jodie’s split decision win over Deanna Bennett was hard fought, but showed she is quite hit-table and may not have the best gas tank to endure. Although Karolina can get a bit sloppy technique wise, she is a highly intelligent survivor, and Karolina can fight and defeat most straw weights with pure heart and will. I see Karolina stuffing Jodie’s attempts to grapple, and stifling her with bouncy footwork and solid lateral movement. Karolina may even get the coveted finish by strikes so few 115ers actually attain….
Karolina Kowalkiewicz by Unanimous Decision
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