UFC: Promotion is now open to all offers on new TV deal

Reports are stating that the UFC is now open to any and all offers regarding a new TV deal.

Let the bidding wars for the UFC and its television rights begin. The promotion is now open to field any and all offers from companies interested in their TV rights. The news was first reported by Damon Martin.

The UFC is currently signed to Fox Sports who had an exclusive negotiating period with the UFC before any other TV or broadcast companies could do any of their own bidding. Now that the exclusive period is over, the promotion can now field any offers

The current deal that the UFC has with Fox Sports began seven years ago and will end at the end of 2018. In a report from MMAJunkie last year, companies like ESPN, NSBC and Turner will all be in the running to land the exclusive rights to the promotions content.

While those names above what are you expect to see when it comes to TV deals, but companies like Amazon, Apple and even Twitter, who started streaming sports live directly on the social media website, could well make a play for the promotion’s rights.

Unlikely but we may see UK based companies Sky Sports and BT Sports in the running for the exclusive rights as well.

With the bidding sure to get exciting this is a story you are sure to keep an eye on over the coming months. Will the promotion stay with Fox Sports who look to be waiting to counter an outside offer before making their own, or will we see a new kid on the block take over? Time will tell.


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