Will Mighty Mouse Beat The Spider?

By: Brandon Kaplan

D.J. goes for history yet again in this five round co-main event!

Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse Johnson:

The first and only UFC flyweight champion. MIghty Mouse is the staple for perfection, and he performs as a more enhanced version of himself each time out. His bond with head coach Matt Hume is unbreakable, and they read each other so well in battle. When this fight and coach find true synchronicity, it is magic to watch. Title defense after title defense, finish after finish, Demetrious may finally claim his due respect once he breaks the record for all time title defenses. Anderson Silva ruled the old era, but the new kings and queens have made their mark on the sport forever. Many believe that ‘MM’ will surely claim 11 title defenses, and in turn possess a landmark record for the sport!

Ray ‘The TazMexican Devil’ Borg:

This flyweight challenger made himself a perennial contender a good few years ago with his dominant wrestling skillset and powerful right hand. Borg has been sidelines due to injury and sickness, as well being unable to comfortable make the 125 pound weight limit. He receives a second chance at the title, as for UFC 215 he backed out of the fight the day of due to doctor’s advice. It seems as though Borg has one last shot to make weight, and make this title shot count. He is the younger fighter, and arguable the faster martial artist with a more grinding top game. He has the toughest challenge of his life come UFC 216, and we can expect to see the best version of him.

Breakdown and Matchup:

I see this being a somewhat interesting matchup as Borg does appear to be the larger man by a good margin. The same thing could be said for Tim Elliot, whom thrived in the early rounds, but drowned in the latter. It is the championship rounds that make a champion, and Borg will need to look as strong 20 minutes in as he did 2 minutes. DJ is known for being relentless, mentally and physically. He is a whirlwind of vicious strikes and control, DJ will learn the opponent, control the pace, and control how the climax plays out. DJ can truly finish at most any time he’d like once the 4th round hits in most his fights, but his demeanor of perfection prevents him from rushing into any situation rashly.

I honestly do see a one sided affair once the latter of the second round hits, men like Cejudo and Benavidez have fallen to the strikes and pace of Mighty Mouse and they are some of the most well conditioned athletes in the UFC. It is remarkable how far ahead Johnson is, and how far he has to go. It is inspiring to watch his evolution, and how he is taking the technicality of all martial arts to a completely different level. DJ is a true once in a lifetime athlete, and I would not ever feel comfortable picking against DJ in this lifetime…at least in the flyweight division. It should be one hell of a bout, Borg is a young gun and he will give it everything, but not many on this planet at 125 pounds can survive let alone figure out the Mighty One’s onslaught.

Demetrious Johnson by Unanimous Decision

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