Jon Jones to sue over failed test results?

The now-former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, might be considering legal action over his failed drug tests. Especially if it’s discovered that his failures were a result of a tainted supplement, or because of an ingredient not listed on the supplements he was taking prior to his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in July.

At least that’s what Jones’ coach, Mike Winkeljohn, insinuated during a recent interview with Submission Radio, which was transcribed by

“Oh, I would [sue]. I mean, we’re talking about changing a man’s life. I mean, how much money can he make? How much is his career worth? Is it worth $100 million? I mean, that’s gonna’ bankrupt a company. I would be the first one to say, hey look, here’s the deal, if you guys are in the supplement industry and you have a tendency to put anabolics and these different substances into products just so that the kids go, ‘Yeah, this stuff works,’ and then the FDA coming along and says, ‘Hey, you put that in that in there,’ you either have a tendency to pull it out real fast and so people won’t do it anymore, but you’ve already sold the product and they keep selling it and they open up another product or they file bankruptcy and do it again. Supplement companies are notorious for it if you go back and start reading some papers on them, and it’s not right. This is not right when they do those type of things just to sell products.”

For his part, Jones continues to publicly maintain his innocence of any intentional wrongdoing.

Although the UFC stripped Jones of the light heavyweight title and awarded it back to Cormier, Jones does not appear ready to just sit back and accept whatever punishment is coming his way. But if he is suspended for multiple years? Then Winkeljohn also speculated that Jones may just elect to end his fighting career altogether. It would be a sad end to the saga of maybe the most talented mixed martial arts fighter to ever enter the sport.

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