Borella victorious in her debut; Invicta FC 24 Main Event Recap

Saturday July 15th once again brings the Invicta FC brand to the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, Mo. There was so much going on with opponents gaining opportunities in the UFC that it was a testament to the resolve of Invicta FC to keep this card together.  In the main event Mara Romero Borella outlasted Milana Dudieva for her debut win in Invicta FC. The co main event saw an armbar grinder between Jinh Yu Frey and Ashley Cummins. With all the chaos in the lead up to the card it was another solid night of performances for the Invicta FC roster. The full recap from the fights are listed below.


The main event was touch and go for the most part between Mara Romero Borella(11-4) and Milana Dudieva(11-6), Borella found the first few openings but went to the clinch when there was nothing available. Milana tried to secure a guillotine all the way to the canvas but eventually Borella ended up in side control. She was able to survive the first round and seemed to find her pace to  dictate the rest of the fight. Borella landed a takedown in the second round early and went to work on a ground and pound in an active guard for Dudieva. She ended the second round on top and was clearly up by two rounds heading into the final round. The third round started a bit more active with Milana landing a few heavy shots that were countered by Mara. Soon she was back to canvas working from top position again. Milana grabbed a hold of her arm but Borella quickly fought it off. There a was last second scramble for Dudieva but it did not go in her favor as she went right into the clutches of Borella. It seemed as if Borella controlled most of the fight but the judges saw it as a split decision in her favor, Mara gets her first win in her Invicta FC debut.

The co main event was a possible contender bout between Jinh Yu Frey(6-2) and Ashley Cummins (5-4). Cummins came out guns blazing with instant pressure landing a great kick to the head that surprised Frey. In the clinch Frey was able to get the takedown but was immediately on the defense as Ashley went for her arm. Frey staved off the submission which would continue to be a theme for the entire fight. The first two rounds had Frey landing takedowns with Cummins looking for her arm. It was weird to see her continue throwing leg kicks to Jinh which is what ultimately set up each takedown. With three minutes to go in the fight Jinh found the back of Cummins but was unable to secure it. Ashley went for one final arm bar but didn’t have enough in the tank to complete it. Frey ended on top in possibly the closest battle of the night. In the end Frey pulls off the win with the 30-27 win on two of the score cards.

Pam Sorenson(6-2) may have missed weight but she did not miss her chance at stopping Helena Kolesnyk (5-0) early. After a light exchange on the feet she landed a great trip takedown and went to work on the mat. With superb hip control she mounted Helena and rain downed shots until Kolesnyk gave up her arm. Pam snatched it and wrenched her limb for a vicious arm bar to take the victory.

It did not take long for Karina Rodriguez(5-2) to make her mark in the Invicta FC cage. The fighter that comes from the same camp as Alexa Grasso and Irene Aldana threw a devastating hook that dropped Barbara Acioly (4-1) in the opening minute. From there she pounced on Acioly and never looked back. It’s possible that referee Greg Franklin could have stopped the fight early but let Barbara continue on for a tad bit more. Soon after multiple shots to the head he had no choice to call if off. Another great prospect from Team Grasso emerges.

Miranda Maverick(3-0) was all flash as she came out with her hands down landing shots to the head of Gabby Romero(2-2). Gabby kept pressing forward eating shot after shot looking for her chance. Eventually Miranda landed a takedown but Romero immediately grabbed the leg and worked towards a heel hook. She was unsuccessful and the two mixed it up on the ground in a great exchange to finish the round. The second was all Maverick as worked a more well rounded attack keeping Gabby away before laying into her with some vicious uppercuts. The third round was on the mat for most of the fight with Miranda holding the advantage once again. With about 45 seconds left Gabby found the arm of Maverick once again but it was a little too late. Maverick stays undefeated with the unanimous decision.

Very equally first round between Kelly D’Angelo(2-1) and Sunna Rannveig Davidsdottier. Both women landed early but Sunna found the most openings. Once D’Angelo returned she landed a few spots which made sunna take her to the cage. From there she took D’Angelo down and and went for a few punches to the head. They were blocked and D’Angelo made it back to her feet landing a good jab to the face that bloodied the nose of Sunna. After a second takedown Sunna ended the round on the top. The second round was similar with Sunna landing first and setting up the eventual takedowns. She was one step ahead of Kelly who found a few real strong openings but was unable capitalize. D’Angelo once again found a few chances in the early stages to the gassed Davidsdottir. Sunna was able to find another takedown in the third round which was more than enough to win the fight. She pulls off the unanimous victory to remain undefeated.

The first fight of the night was a battle in the featherweight division between Felicia Spencer (3-0 ) and Amy Coleman (2-2). The fight started off in a flurry with leg kicks from Spencer. Coleman caught one of the kicks and took Felicia down. Spencer was able to get right back up and went to work once again on the body pressing Amy against the cage. After a solid takedown Spencer implored multiple elbows and landed a second takedown soon after. From there she sunk in the hooks and was able to finish Coleman with rear naked choke submission.

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