Tim Hague, the Veteran of the Canadians Tribute

By: Joey Blood

Timothy Edward Lee Hague (21-13 MMA) (1-3 Boxing) was born on May 9,1983 and in 2006 at the age of twenty three he made his MMA debut winning by submission. Hague went on to become the King OF The Cage Heavyweight Champion and went an impressive 10-0 in KOTC total in his career. He made his UFC debut in 2009 by submitting Pat Barry in round 1 and had a total of five fights in the organization with every fight showing the heart and never say die attitude of Hague. After his ride with the UFC was over he went on to become the Unified MMA Heavyweight Champion by knocking out his opponent in a quick six seconds. As well as that title he also captured the XFFC Heavyweight Championship in 2016.

This was a man who even though people told him to retire he continued to follow his dream by doing the only thing he knew how to do, that was fight. Hopefully his passing will educate people on the risks of MMA and Boxing when it comes to long time brain damage and its effects on the later parts of life. Many MMA fighters are suffering with permanent brain damage from their careers, people like Gary Goodridge, Ken Shamrock and Matt Brown have all admitted to not having the same mental health as they did when they started their carers. Hague unfortunately was one victim that the damage was to much for his body to handle. So when you think of Tim Hague don’t just remember a MMA fighter who got knocked out as much as he did, remember him as the passionate, down to earth friendly father and son that he was and let his death be a wake up call for the safety of our fellow fighters.

R.I.P Tim Hague May 9,1983- June 18,2017

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