Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr.: The War for Bramall Lane

By: Brandon JM Kaplan

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 27th of May, brings an event of immense magnitude to the sport of boxing. Two ELITE welterweights in their athletic prime will battle for the title of Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World; and for the challenger Errol, he wants all of Kell’s shiny belts and that is no small task. Kell Brook has defended his welterweight title three times in less than three years, all to mandated top contenders as well! The heart of the champion is not to be questioned; late last year Kell jumped up a weight class to fight not only a bigger man, but the most feared man at middleweight: Gennady ‘Triple-G’ Golovkin. KB was stopped in the 5th round by Gennady’s onslaught of bombs, his corner threw intelligently threw the towel in to save their man. The size of that man’s heart is massive, to face a seemingly unstoppable giant with no fear, just incredible.

Spence is no slouch himself. A man arguably robbed of a gold medal just like his legendary welterweight predecessor Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr., as well as being arguably the hardest hitter at 147 pounds. He is very accurate with his blows, and we have seen him taken into deep waters with the same pace and power on display. He is the most formidable adversary the division can offer, and the boxing world as well as the casual fight watching world will have something to cheer for this weekend!

Expect a lot of drama from this fight, each fighter has the power to shift momentum quickly, and expect no quit from either man if and when they are hurt. This is a United States vs United Kingdom match-up, and on display will be the best representatives of both worlds. These pugilists employ an incredibly technical approach by working behind their jab and setting up well to the body and head. Kell throws in combination beautifully and stays fleet footed throughout his fights. This is a stark contrast to the more powerful and brooding Spence, an absolute stalker in the ring who keeps his feet to the ground, and throws his 1, 2 combinations with immaculate skill, power, and precision.

Both men are due to battle tomorrow evening in Sheffield, England. This is the hometown and turf of the reigning champ and beloved superstar Kell Brook. Errol Spence Jr. will have to walk into enemy territory and slay the people’s king to attain that IBF title, but this stoic yet ferocious former Olympian may be just the man to do it.

Never since Lennox Lewis vs. Evander Holyfield have I been this excited for a UK vs. US match-up. Both these men are so young and hungry to be the best, and that is why this fight can deliver nothing less than fireworks! Tune in and enjoy the show!

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