Evinger chokes out Kunitskaya; Invicta FC 22 main card recap


In Saturday March 25th Invicta FC held it’s 22nd event invicta FC 22 from the Scottish rite Temple. The main event was a pivotal rematch for the bantamweight title between Tonya Evinger and Yana Kunitskaya. In the fight Yana went after the leg Evinger who eventually found her own submission pulling off the rear naked choke for the win. In the co main event Livia Renata Souza took care of Ayaka in quick and impressive fashion with a first round stoppage. It was a night of spectacular bouts in front of a packed Kansas City crowd.


In the main event Tonya Evinger(19-6) had to deal with a relentless Yana Kunitskaya (9-3) whom seemed bent on securing a submission early in the fight. In the first round Tonya was in the clinch with Yana who attempted a guillotine and went after an armbar when they were on the floor. Tonya made escape after escape and heading into the second seemed to regain her composure. The fighters returned to the mat in the second round and Yana went after a knee bar. Evinger countered by going after leg lock of her own in a chess battle that lasted over a minute. Eventually Tonya was free again and took control sweeping and getting into positions to take the back of Yana. That’s all she needed to sink her hooks in and secure the rear naked submission. No controversy here as Tonya Evinger retains her bantamweight title.


The co main event was short lived as Livia Renata Souza(10-1) made quick work of Ayaka Hamasaki(14-2). After a few exchanges on the feet Livia connected on the chin and stumbled Ayaka. From there Livia went on the attack and rained down a slew of hammer fists before referee Mike England stopped the fight. Some of the fans weren’t happy with what they thought was a late stoppage, but regardless Souza leaves with the victory.


There was a brief feeling out moment between Jodi Esquibel(6-2) and Deanna Bennett(8-3) but eventually they let their hands go. The always athletic Esquibel used her space well to avoid the pin point accuracy of Bennett. It was a very technical round that gave Bennett the advantage with volume. The second round played out in a similar fashion to the first. Jodi controlled more of the cage but Bennett pressed on continuing to throw volume. Jodi became harder to hit by the third and was almost toying with Deanna displaying her awesome cardio. In the end Jodi did just enough damage with her attack to pull off the split decision victory.


The atomweight battle between Ashley Cummins(4-3) and Amber Brown(6-4) was grappling affair you couldn’t forget. The first two rounds didn’t have a lot to offer on the feet but the jiu jitsu was on full display. There was a moment on the ground where both fighters engaged into a double triangle. The fight swayed back and forth and could have went in anyone’s favor heading into the third. Amber was clearly better on the feet but Cummins landed a timely takedown midway in the third round and went to work. It was truly a grinder of a fight but Cummins held the advantage on the ground which is where most of the fight took place. It was more than enough to give her the nod for a fight she dedicated to a fallen police officer who was a partner and a friend.


It was an amazing fast paced first round between Sunna Davidsdottir(2-0) and Mallory Martin(1-1). Both competitors came out swinging and going to the clinch often. Late in the first round Sunna caught Mallory with a vicious right that sent Mallory stumbling. Martin reset and took over in the second round initiating most of the damage. She also caught Sunna with a big blow of her own that sent the Icelander back. Heading into the third round it was anybody’s call and both women proved it. Mallory made the first mistake in the third round and Sunna was able to turn the tide in her favor. The back and forth continued even more when Sunna also made a miscue which allowed Mallory to gain the advantage, These two put on a clinic with a classic Invicta strawweight fight which was always their best division. When it was all said and done the fight went in favor of Sunna Davidsdottir who took home the unanimous victory.


The second fight of the night ended fast. Miranda Maverick(2-0) stayed against the cage keeping Kalyn Holliday(1-1) at bay. Eventually Kalyn closed the distance and slammed Miranda hard to the canvas. Maverick regrouped and started to work towards an triangle. Kalyn adjusted but that lead to a better angle for Maverick. She found the arm of Holliday and even after another slam Miranda sunk in deeper to pull off the armbar submission.


In the first round of the match between Felicia Spencer(2-0) and Madison McElhaney(1-1), the pace started off frenetically. Madison controlled the center of the cage early but Felica found her range with a few kicks. In the middle of the round Felicia landed a takedown but was unable to do any damage. Madison would counter with her own takedown later but the variety of attacks gave Spencer the advantage in the first.The second round was all Felicia as she continued to pour in elbows from the clinch. The kicks kept coming from all directions which would soon tire out McElhaney. Leading into the third Madison was clearly fatigued and could not muster much offenses. Felicia sealed the deal with another late takedown to win the fight in an unanimous decision.


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