Shamrock FC 279 Main Card Recap

Wilson (left) picks up the win against Zekthi at Shamrock FC 279
Wilson (left) picks up the win against Zekthi at Shamrock FC 279

On Friday December 2nd Shamrock FC closed out the year with their 279 card from River City Casino. In the main event between Steven Mann and Matt Veach it was a close quarters battle that was won by Veach eventually tapped Mann via a armbar. In the co main event Demetrius Wilson won a close grinder against Erion Zekthi.

Steve Mann(12-5) and Matt Veach (17-5) had a clinched filled main event with close quarters battling and big slams from Veach. Mann was cut early in the first round and placed a few good elbows on Veach. Matt had his first big slam in the round soon after and stayed poised until he finish. The second round had both fighters against the cage for a majority of the time before Veach brought down Mann again with another big slam. The final round saw Veach on top once again. He was able to gain the arm of Mann and wrench in for the kimura and pull off the submission.

The first round of the fight between Demetrius Wilson(4-1) and Erion Zekthi(1-1) was the grinder we all expected. Footwork was on the menu early for Zekthi which gave him first control of the cage. On the mat there were multiple exchanges between both athletes as each fighter found reversals but in the end Erion finished the round in control. Wilson took over in the first part of the second and landed a big takedown. He stayed in top control in this grappling affair for most of the second round. Erion gained top advantage once again for a short while but in the end Wilson was once again on top. In the third round things were the same neither fighter truly got an advantage and both were fatigued from the previous two rounds. It was left in the hands of the judges who saw the card in favor of Wilson by a split decision.

Luis Pena(2-0) kicked off his night with a flying knee attempt and bought a bevy of tools to the first round against Brandon Schele(0-1). Brandon took Luis down but soon enough Pena turned the tables and had a body triangle locked in tight. Schele was able to escape the first round but the momentum was going in Pena’s favor. The second round was once again an impressive grappling display by Luis. He took the back of Brandon a few more times after a desperate takedown attempt and went for a choke that he pulled off with ease. Great performance by one of the most talented 155er’s in the region.

The feature bout brought the return of AJ Siscoe (1-2) to the cage and kick off a ground war with Chris Reed (2-3). The first round found AJ on top escaping an armbar attempt and he and Reed threw elbows at each other in the guard to finish the round. The second round started similar with AJ going for the takedown once again. This time when Siscoe got the back of Reed he went for a rear naked choke and caught the jaw of his opponent and caused him to tap. Hell of a return for AJ who beat the odds to win his first pro fight.

It didn’t take long for Francis Hernandez(1-0) to figure out what to do with Susie Wyatt (0-2). She kept her distance and used her boxing to stave off the pressing Wyatt. A few lengthy combinations found their mark and eventually Wyatt was up against the cage. Francis poured it on soon Susie was on the mat. That was it as Hernandez pulls off the first round stoppage.

Three times the charm Andrew Ebers(1-0) tonight as he scores a first round submission over Dan Busch(1-1). After securing the back of Busch early Andrew tried to sink in a rear naked choke but Dan was able to break his hands and get free. Ebers was still on the back of Dan so it lead to another quick attempt. Busch escaped once again but soon found himself on the receiving end of another attempt and he passed out to give the submission victory to Andrew Ebers.

In the prelims Jesse Finney the ceo of Shamrock FC announced that Ken Shamrock’s son Ryan will make his debut for Shamrock FC on March 24th. Up next for Shamrock FC is Shamrock FC 280 which takes place Saturday at the Ameristar Casino and Resort in Kansas City, Mo.

Images courtesy of Jimmy Range Photography.

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