Global Knockout 8: Local MMA That Is Out of This World

Each time Global Knockout (GKO) rolls out their unique red mat on the grounds of Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel, the match-ups hit the entertainment bulls-eye. GKO 8, an eight fight card on November 19th, is packed with: a championship belt in the flyweight division, undefeated records on the line, familiar faces for those in attendance, and an overall tug-of-war for territorial bragging rights.

Main Event: Josh ‘King of Diamonds’ Paiva vs Joseph Morales

gko-8-morales-vs-paiva-for-flyweight-beltWhile the airs chills in the hills of Jackson, the heat between Paiva and Morales will ignite, as if dowsed in accelerant, when the bell rings. Whichever flyweight doesn’t get burned to a crisp will have their hands raised and a championship belt wrapped around their waist.

Even the ‘King of Diamonds’ can suffer from Gold Fever. To satiate his ailment, Paiva, the reigning Dragon House champ at 125-pounds, recently joined the fight team based out of El Dorado Hills, California: MMAGOLD, and he chases more championship shine at GKO 8. Paiva will be forced to hand Morales his first loss to evidence his ‘Midas Touch,’ holding two pieces of regional hardware.

In his first main event and first contention for a strap, Morales, with a wealth of knowledge from Team Alpha Male in his corner, is confident he can crack diamonds under the pressure of the situation and preserve his perfect record. In fact, the former owner of the GKO title Morales hopes to claim is his teammate: Alex Sandoval (12-3), who now climbs the flyweight ranks in the UFC.

Who will fill the 125-pound throne when GKO 8’s final decision is rendered? Make sure you’re filling a seat inside Jackson Rancheria’s Grand Oak Ballroom when the first of, a probably unneeded, five rounds begins.

Co-Main Event: Buddy Wallace vs Angel ‘Baby Monsta’ Trevino

wallace-vs-trevinoWhen straining to define a rookie versus a veteran in mixed martial arts, GKO 8’s fight poster, picturing Wallace and Trevino in the co-main event, speaks a thousand words.

With over four times the experience, Wallace, the product of Last Stand Fight Team, can’t calculate any conclusion other than being the last man standing, with the referee raising his hand in victory. In Wallace’s previous two visits to the cage, he wilted under the welterweight weapons: Max Griffin (13-3) and James Terry (17-9), proven commodities on worldwide stages. Though MMA is a game of inches, Wallace may suggest: there is a mile-long trench between himself and Trevino.

When comparing Trevino to Wallace, it’s easier to focus on the ‘Baby’ than the ‘Monsta’ of ‘Baby Monsta,’ at least visually. Incubated out of Team Alpha Male, the scar-free skin of of the stud in his early twenties will need to unlock his destructive savvy as a means of altering a predictable narrative

Find out how the story unfolds when the youngster on the rise and the seasoned specialist leave the safety of their corners.

Other Fights Include:





























































(Bouts shown does not reflect order and are subject to change.)

The only time two sevens followed by an eight hits the jackpot is when: seven out of seven GKO shows tickled the audience’s senses with GKO 8 following suit. If you can’t watch GKO 8 live on November 19th, the promotion is prompt about uploading events to their YouTube page (subscribe here).

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