UFC 205 Breakdown: Frankie Edgar vs Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens /Image courtesy of Dunk360
Jeremy Stephens /Image courtesy of Dunk360

In the featherweight division there are plenty uncertainties. If you are a fighter like Max Holloway you will have your eyes up and down on this weekend’s UFC 205 card. Even more so on the prelim card fight between Frankie Edgar(25-1) and Jeremy Stephens (25-12). Since joining the featherweight division Jeremy has been on a solid run. When it comes to the smaller weight classes Frankie Edgar is a legend in the making that has seemed to get better with age. Even after a tough loss to Jose Aldo, Frankie is still on the outside looking in for title contention. This fight just may give us one of the next contender but regardless it will be a fight with fireworks.

If you were to ask the general mma public who holds the advantages in this fight many fans would immediately answer Frankie. A lot of people said the same thing about Renan Barao when he went up against Stephens and we all know how that turned out. Jeremy possesses one thing you can’t coach and that’s power. Not that Edgar does not have his own KO’s just ask Chad Mendes a few months back. Frankie is a huge favorite coming into this fight but he needs to be careful. Jeremy has been up and down in the division but this could be just the fight to propel him over the top.

Frankie will have to control the center of the cage and remain as durable as he always has been. Stephens is going to bring a war and head hunt from the start of the fight. Edgar is the better wrestler but he can’t take it easy on Jeremy who has finishing skills from anywhere. This fight will either be a one and done or striking chess match to produce the outcome. This is not a prelim fight to miss as it could really stir the direction on the featherweight division. This fight is really closer than many could tell and the less than stellar performances by Stephens against top opponents is the reason. Don’t be surprised if his hand is raised at the end of the fight but it’s also likely that consummate professional in Edgar will overwhelm Stephen in every avenue.

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