The Titans Cage 14: Martial Tricks Means Fight Fans Get A Treat

To close out summer, The Titans Cage (TTC), at TTC 13, filled the Red Lion Woodlake & Conference Center with the widest range of amateur mixed martial arts talent housed under one roof. On October 29, 2016, TTC 14 will resurrect its developmental stage, and they invited some of the brightest up-and-comers neighboring the Northern California area.

TTC 14’s opening cast of competitors will warm up in the morning with Saturday cartoons and fly under the radar of the United States Fight League (USFL). Conversely, TTC 14 will wrap up with a viewing party of licensed C.A.M.O. (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) fighters preparing for the professional world.


Two days before filling their Halloween buckets with candy, the USFL youngsters facing one another in a Youth Pankration Dual Meet at TTC 14 will attempt to fill their win columns. More closely than parents scan the treasures collected while running door-to-door, the referees overseeing each match keep close tabs on every position these budding stars become tangled in.

USFL Bouts Include:





































































































TTC 14 Main Event: Andrew Coyne vs Calob Ramirez for the TTC Featherweight Title

coyne-vs-ramirez-for-featherweight-title-ttc14TTC 14 concludes with Andrew “Bulldog” Coyne (5-0) and Calob Ramirez (4-3) contending for the TTC Featherweight Title.

Approximately a month and a half ago, Coyne claimed the NorCal Fight Series (NCFS) Bantamweight Title, defeating Blake Benson by unanimous decision. In fact, “Bulldog”’s last three contests have gone all three rounds, and the Team Alpha Male prospect plans to highlight his leadership of the pack at 135 and 145 pounds by burying Ramirez down the street from his Ultimate Fitness backyard like a bone.

Twenty-one days prior to Ramirez’s first title fight at TTC 14, the product of Carnage MMA evidenced his vicious attack at King of the Cage: Unchallenged with a back-and-forth barnburner against Greg Fiel. Ramirez’s ‘kill-or-be-killed’ mentality captured the attention of fans, and noting his previous successes at TTC, with three out of three wins, the possibility of another positive outcome rests on the horizon.

Locking two aggressive fighters, such as Coyne and Ramirez, in the cage at TTC 14 means everyone in attendance will be able to unwrap and snack on destruction.

TTC 14 Co-Main Event: Gabriel Dolce Pacheco vs Michael O’Leary for the TTC Lightweight Title

dolce-pacheco-vs-oleary-in-lightweight-title-ttc14After a full night of action, the first glint of gold will be showcased when Gabriel Dolce Pacheco (1-0) meets Michael O’Leary (5-3) in the middle of TTC 14’s canvas for the TTC Lightweight Title.

Whatever Dolce Pacheco lacks in cage time, he compensates for in power. In his last outing, he obliterated the life form placed in front of him in seven seconds. Posing as a fresh face out of NorCal Fighting Alliance, the height and range of Dolce Pacheco should assist his efforts in not falling short to O’Leary.

If any eyes at TTC 14 aren’t fixated on the cage when O’Leary leaves his corner, he possesses the tools necessary to grab the attention of everyone in the crowd, especially based on his track record of snatching people around the neck and forcing them into his world. Riding a two-fight win-streak, it’s more interesting to note that all of his victories surfaced by way of strangulation. After witnessing numerous teammates from Ultimate Fitness return home from battle with a trophy around their waist, O’Leary imagines crossing through the double doors of the gym on the following Monday with a championship marker of his own.

Dolce Pacheco and O’Leary will enter TTC’s cage at 155 pounds, but only one of them will leave ten pounds heavier with a smile shining brighter than their new TTC strap.

Other Bouts Include:



































































































(Bouts shown do not reflect order and are subject to change.)

After locating your seat inside the Red Lion Woodlake & Conference Center on October 29th, it may prove difficult to remain in it with the wall-to-wall action provided by TTC. The climb to the top of the sport is arduous, yet, under the watchful eyes of C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) and USFL, each individual locked inside TTC 14’s cage will be assured their chance for a moment of glory with safety at the top of everyone’s mind.


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