KOTC Unchallenged: Results & Recap

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-8-26-33-amKing of the Cage (KOTC) resurrected its steel structure inside the Gold Country Casino’s Event Center in Oroville, California on October 8, 2016 to host KOTC: Unchallenged. Whether warming up backstage, having their hands wrapped, jiving to tunes during their walkout, getting greased at the prep point, or finding their place in either the red or blue corner, confidence filled each athlete’s heart and soul on the card, leaving them to believe: no obstacle could restrain their dreams; then, the bell rang.

Main Event: David Mitchell vs Richard Blake

Experience topped the bill at KOTC: Unchallenged, and David “Bulletproof” Mitchell (21-6), who trains out of Team Alpha Male, attempted to work as many seconds as he is years old when facing Richard Blake (15-29) in the main event.

Mitchell, at thirty-six years of age, wasted no time, blasting Blake with a right hand and sending him backwards into the fence. From there, Mitchell secured his hands around Blake’s waist and manhandled him to the canvas.

As a jiu-jitsu specialist, Mitchell, comparable to a scaly constrictor, slowly squeezed the life out of the visitor from Clingans Korean Karate Academy. Forty-eight seconds later, Mitchell derailed Blake’s hopes of glory.

Co-Main Event: Benito Lopez vs Journey Newson

Hometown hero and one of Team Alpha Male’s hottest prospects, Benito “The Golden Boy” Lopez (6-0), made the short trip from his front door to the center of the cage at the Gold Country Casino and met Journey Newson (3-1) in front of a raucous collection of family, friends, and steadily growing fanfare.

In Lopez’s last contest, KOTC: Home Turf on March 19th, he clocked in for eight seconds on the job, so it felt like an eternity when he spent nearly twenty-five times as long to put Newson away. Newson, the outsider from Oregon, tested Lopez’s chin with several shots and even landed a takedown.

Instinctively, Lopez shifted the tide in his favor by retreating from the floor and circling away from Newson’s grasp. When Lopez found his range, his striking overwhelmed Newson. A solid combination of kicks and punches stapled his opponent to the cage, and, at the sight of Newson’s crumpling body, a screaming audience encouraged Lopez to pump his fists like a jackhammer, prompting the referee’s end to the assault.

 Official Results

 David Mitchell defeated Richard Blake in round 1 (:48) by way of rear-naked choke.

 Benito Lopez defeated Journey Newson in round 1 (3:04) by way of TKO.

 Brian Wilkinson defeated Jeff Thorton in round `1 (3:04) by way of injury stoppage/TKO.

 Charles Hill defeated Kristofor Garcia in round 3 (2:27) by way of TKO.

 Lake Gee defeated Carlos Quevdo in round 1 (1:24) by way of TKO.

 Tyler Holbrook defeated Erickson Abalos in round 2 by way of TKO.

 Jesus Medrano defeated Derek Archuleta in round 2 (1:38) by way of injury stoppage.

 Charles Guthrie defeated Alex Mosier by way of unanimous decision.

 Calob Ramirez defeated Greg Fiel in round 2 (2:34) by way of TKO.

 Chris Marinelli defeated Kevin Tran in round 1 (1:27) by way of TKO.

With a ninety percent finish-rate on the evening, the greatest challenge for fans at KOTC: Unchallenged was remaining in their seat. As the final wave of satisfied spectators exited the Gold Country Casino, KOTC’s executives were confronted with a dilemma of their own: when to return to the ‘City of Gold’ for another edition of King of the Cage.



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