“We are not just tough we are pretty” Interview with Bellator fighter Anastasia Yankova

One of the standouts in the new regime for Bellator MMA and Bellator Kickboxing is the Russian born fighter Anastasia Yankova. Prior to her fight against another undefeated fighter in Veta Arteaga, she spoke with MMA Wreckage. Anastasia is a very charismatic soul and has no problem flaunting her stunning looks. She is a also a hard working fighter with not much MMA experience so she uses her Russian work ethic to compensate for things she’s lacking. Read ahead for our full one on one interview with Anastasia Yankova before her fight this Friday September 16th at Bellator 161 Kongo vs Johnson.

Growing up as a kid did you always want to be a fighter?

As I child I always wanted to be Xena Warrior Princess. People told me I could never be a warrior princess. So it made me want to even more.

What makes Russian women so tough?

We are not just tough we are super pretty! It’s a combination of the history of our people, the weather, and all the adversity we deal with in life. Even in society today our people deal with so much adversity.

How has your family taken to your fight career?

So of course every parent is worried about their children being punched in the face but my mom is very supportive because she knows this is what I want to do. My mom is also not a very conventional person herself she is into snowboarding and all that extreme stuff so I guess we are both just a little crazy.

Do you hope to be an inspiration to younger female fighters in Russia with your career?

I do. I hope to be somebody that up and coming fighters can look up to and feel if they work hard and stick with their goals they can succeed. Regardless of where you come from. I come from a working class family and I hope I inspire others to say hey I can do this too, you just have to work really hard stay focused and have a goal.

What about your technique that allows you to win your previous matches by submission?

I don’t feel like i’m that good in jiu jitsu yet, i’m still learning. So I would have to attribute it to my will to work and physical strength. I’m stronger than most of the girls that I fight. During my first fight the girl that I was fighting was trying to put me in all kinds of submission but I didn’t want to give up. So I used my physical strength. So it’s not about technique, for now I’m just using my strength

Would like to see Veta stand with you more or make your adjustments as you see fit?

Yes, but I have a game plan so my job is to impose my game plan. I really don’t care what the opponent wants or where the fight goes, I’m going to take the fight where I want it to go.

Watch Anastasia and the rest of the Bellator 161 main card this Friday on Spike TV!

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