TTC 13: Recap and Results

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.15.24 PMWhen The Titans Cage (TTC), CAMO (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization), and USFL (United States Fight League) teamed together at TTC 13 on August 13, 2016, their collaborative efforts created an entertaining evening of junior and amateur MMA with a professional production.

TTC 13 was like drawing a picture of a junior mixed martial artist at nine years old on one piece of paper and stacking pictures of mixed martial artists, each with another layer of age and experience, until punctuating the pile with a picture of a fighter on the precipice of the pros. For the MMA enthusiasts who packed the inside of the Capital City’s Red Lion Woodlake & Conference Center, TTC 13 flipped the pile of pictures, from the bottom toward the top, before their eyes.

Junior MMA

The Junior MMA competitors on the fight card, ranging in age from nine to seventeen, jump-started the night, and each of the six matches evidenced a strong focus on the martial arts before anything was mixed up inside the cage.

Abiding by the USFL guidelines, safety was paramount; therefore, the youngsters were required to wear: shin guards, a rashguard, headgear, six-ounce gloves, a mouthguard, and strikes to the head were not permitted. The third person in the cage diligently circled these babyface assassins like a vulture and rarely blinked, erasing as much potential for injury as possible.

If safety rested at the top of the list, sportsmanship followed in hot pursuit. Win, lose, or draw, the red corner and blue corner met in the center to exchange warm wishes and exited the cage as a purple mass of friendship.

To close out the Junior MMA portion of TTC 13, Josh Elder and James Aguilar never released the accelerator in hopes of attaining the 13987234_1324755857536103_116789015_oPanda Cup Title at 145 pounds. More moving than anything was Aguilar in loss. The runner-up to the strap remained in the cage to address the audience in the wake of his defeat. At seventeen years old, Aguilar broadcasted a sense of generosity that reaches far beyond his years when he shared with onlookers: he always donates his ticket sales to charity, and the five hundred dollars he earned for TTC 13 would go to his friend Travis Lindahl. Apparently, Lindahl’s dad was recently involved in a horrific accident, leaving him paralyzed. Although Aguilar dropped a unanimous decision, the jiu-jitsu ace submitted the hearts of everyone in the crowd when his Lindahl entered the cage to receive Aguilar’s kind contribution.

Junior MMA Results Include:

 13987919_1324755400869482_1424554050_oCJ Marx defeated Kyler Eaton by way armbar.




14037464_1324755437536145_610648595_oKoda Bivins defeated Henry Pearson by way of rear naked choke.





14037838_1324755444202811_504649937_oJeromy Gaggos defeated Beau Snyder by way of unanimous decision.







13639431_1324755624202793_1913221145_oZaden Cole defeated Beau Snyder by way of rear naked choke.






14001700_1324755630869459_2008484455_oMikey Fear defeated AJ Lemos by way of arm triangle.






13987300_1324755600869462_1224625780_oJosh Elder defeated James Aguilar by way of unanimous decision for the 145-pound Panda Cup Title.






Amateur MMA

Aside from a shade of controversy in the co-main and main event, there’s no doubt that TTC 13 met its expectations: entertain. Nobody who crossed the cage’s threshold wanted to lose, which meant everyone who purchased a ticket would win. From beginning to end, pockets of cheers popped in unison for their preferred fighter.

Main Event: Geoffrey Stovall vs. Adam Wamsley for the TTC Light Heavyweight Title

Before the bell, Stovall and Wamsley paid one another admiration with enough bows and handshakes to fill entire round. When the bell finally rang, the two met in the center for a final touch of the gloves, and without any hesitation, Wamsley followed this customary slap of leather with an overhand right.

The immediate attack pushed Stovall’s offensive mindedness through the holes in the fence, and the NorCal Fight Series light heavyweight belt holder and product of KOA MMA absorbed the initial push from Wamsley, though not for long. Wamsley quickly uprooted Stovall from the mat, planted him on his back, and left him no room to breathe, applying a suffocating amount of pressure and slamming a barrage of punches from the rafters toward the floorboards.

Stovall highlighted his resolve to balance an amateur belt on each arm by firing back at Wamsley, even slicing open his forehead, but Wamsley’s Nor Cal Fighting Alliance ground game was too savvy. Once Stovall rolled toward his stomach to avoid eating Wamsley’s gloved lunchpails, Wamsley leapt onto Stovall’s back, sunk in both hooks, and commenced the tenderization process. The moment Stovall hung a limb too lackadaisically, Wamsley exploded, hyperextended Stovall’s arm, and forced him to tap.

Co-Main Event: Daniel Gonzalez vs. Kyle Gothan for the TTC Flyweight Title

Leave it to the lightest competitors on the amateur portion of the card to have the largest appetite for victory.

As flyweights commonly do, Gothan and Gonzalez became a blur of flashy footwork, flailing fists, and flying feet. Circling the cage and trading tit-for-tat, Gonzalez, a little over a minute in the opening frame, feinted and swung a wrecking ball of a left hook, pristinely polished at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy), that stopped Gothan in his tracks. Gothan, as if he plowed into a brick wall, began a slow-motion descent to his back.

Had this flyweight tilt occurred at the professional level, the referee would have allowed the narrative to play out, but based on how Gothan stiffened as he fell, CAMO’s high benchmark for fighter safety caused the conclusion of this affair to be signaled.

Amateur MMA Results Include:

14037390_1325131527498536_667484712_oAdam Wamsley defeated Geoffrey Stovall in round 1 (2:18) by way of armbar and claimed the light heavyweight championship.





14001749_1325125474165808_377183705_oDaniel Gonzalez defeated Kyle Gothan in round 1 (1:02) by way of KO and claimed the flyweight championship.




13987972_1325117684166587_1649210390_oBrady Wicklund defeated Sean Nelson in round 1 (1:11) by way of rear naked choke.





14045291_1325117194166636_624448389_oMichael O’Leary defeated Jerry Hickman in round 1 (1:58) by way of triangle choke.







13977916_1325105917501097_1773013250_oCalob Ramirez defeated Xavier Johnson in round 1 (2:14) by way of rear naked choke.





13987192_1325099384168417_1278055878_oMichael Gilliland defeated Alokoa George in round 2 (1:06) by way of TKO.






14002568_1325086300836392_402231010_oKeli Callison defeated Brian Calvillo by way of unanimous decision.





13987974_1325083980836624_1436567050_oJoshua Dim defeated Jordan Vazquez in round 1 (:23) by way of KO.






13987890_1324944407517248_1245152392_oSalvador Martinez and Zach Costa battled to a draw.







14037633_1324930974185258_697428042_oEduardo Perez defeated Matt Zonfrello in round 3 (1:43) by way of doctor’s stoppage/TKO.






14002565_1324920890852933_2113334174_oZeke Ruiz defeated Jesse Sanchez by way of unanimous decision.







14012382_1324920560852966_1625091370_oShota Geperidze defeated Brad Renton by way of unanimous decision.








13987090_1324920040853018_1583707253_oEdward Egan defeated Nicholas Dillman by way of unanimous decision.






The congratulatory adieu at the end of each fight, controversial or not, straightened any question marks about the intentionality of any foul play. In fact, the only thing curved at the close of TTC 13 were the smiling faces of those exiting the Red Lion Woodlake & Conference Center for the parking lot, already anticipating TTC’s return, TTC 14, on October 29th.

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