‘Total Combat’ Showcases Westcoast Talent

Rogue Promotions is back at it again! After a wildly successful inaugural event back in April – Arena Wars: Redemption – Rogue Promotions brings another action-packed night filled with boxing and jiu-jitsu to the North Medford High School gym in “Total Combat.” The doors open at the August 13th event at 6 pm, and the starting bell rings at 7 pm.


Rogue Promotions founder and event organizer, Matt Phillips, says this and future events gives talent from Southern Oregon a platform to compete locally.

“It gets a lot of the local athletes an avenue to compete on a local level so they don’t have to travel so far,” said Phillips. “There are so many different styles so guys will be able to showcase their style without having to crawl into a cage.”

The family-friendly night kicks off with a series of boxing matches then the jiu-jitsu fighters roll into action. The night will be capped off with two main events – a six-man Battle Royale and a Super Fight between two world-class jiu-jitsu fighters.

The Battle Royale will feature two teams of three fighters who can, much like a tag team fight in the WWE, tag-in one of their teammates when they get tired. Though if the fighters find themselves in a submission hold and tap out before they can tag-out, their night is over. This will continue until one man is left standing.

“The cool thing about this (fight) is it’s not often you get to see six people who are top notch athelets go head to head at one time,” said Phills. “This match can change the face of grappling. It’s a way to show that submission fighting is entertaining.”

The evening’s big finale will be a 20-minute Super Fight between two local world-class jiu-jitsu fighters – Andrew Alexander and David Robles. Alexander trains at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Medford and Robles trains at the Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The fight can only be stopped after 20 minutes, an injury or if someone taps out.

“Those guys are a couple legitamate jiu-jitsu fighters and have done very well on a national level,” said Phillips. “You really can’t get much better. We dont’ have many top level guys around here so it’s nice to have that level of talent fighting.”

“Total Combat” is scheduled to have at least 15 total fights and feature athletes ranging in age from four years old to 44 hailing from Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho. Though no alcohol will be available, there will be plenty of vendors selling non-alcoholic drinks, food, clothing and shaved ice.

There will also be a weapons demonstration by a National Karate Champion Demo team thrown in the mix.

A portion of the night’s proceeds will be donated to the Spartan Boxing Gym in Medford. Spartan Boxing is a local, non-profit boxing gym for amateurs and professionals alike. According to its website, the gym is “a family-oriented gym, focused and prided on curving the minds of local youth and teaching them to properly channel their aggression.”

“They do a lot of good for the kids, especially the ones who are less fortunate,” said Phillips. “It’s a good avenue for the kids who could possibly go in the wrong direction.”

You can learn more about Spartan Boxing at www.spartanboxingym.com.

mma wars

This month’s event will serve as a ramp up to the second installation of Rogue Promotions’ cage fighting series “Arena Wars” on September 17th. This event is being dubbed “Arena Wars: Bad Blood” and for good reason.

The main event is set to pit Jessie Sumner against Chris Holliday in a grudge match in the octagon. The bad blood between these two goes back more than five years when Holliday was convicted of attacking Sumner, which put Holliday behind bars. Now the two will settle the score once and for all.

“Those guys are good athletes, and they have that history between each other,” said Phillips. “It’s rare to have that actual backstory. This isn’t one guy sent a twitter message out and hurt someone’s feelings – this grudge is legit.”

Sumner vs. Holliday will be the main event at “Arena Wars: Bad Blood”, but is only one of five total title fights.

“Arena Wars: Bad Blood is pretty stacked (with good fights),” said Phillips. “It’s going to be a good one.”

By: Matt E Smith

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