Rampage wins an ugly split against Ishii , Chandler regains title with devastating knockout; Bellator Dynamite 2 Main Card Recap

On Friday June 24th Bellator MMA returned to St. Louis for Dynamite 2. The main event was the return to the Bellator cage for Quinton Rampage Jackson against Satoshi Ishii. In the main event Rampage Jackson won a grinder of a fight over Satoshi Ishii. The co main saw a fantastic KO as Michael Chandler regains his lightweight title over Patricky Pitbull. Outside of the main event it was a fantastic night of fighting for the Bellator promotion for their second Dynamite event.

The first round in the main event between Quinton Jackson(37-11) and Satoshi Ishii(14-6) wasn’t the moist exciting for fans but fell into Ishii’s gameplan. The judoka stayed out of range from Jackson and in the clinch used his takedowns to keep Jackson on his back. Rampage got up at the end of the round but it clearly belonged to Ishii. In the second round it was more of the same with another beautiful takedown by Ishii. From there Satoshi worked the clinch and kept Jackson pressed against the cage. The fight was turning the tide of a grinder which was definitely in Ishii’s favor. In the third Jackson seemed fatigued but still pressed on to engage. He landed a couple shots in the clinch but was it enough for him to score the victory? The judges thought so as they favored the fight to Jackson by a split decision to the dismay of the local fans.

The fight between Michael Chandler(15-3) and Patricky Pitbull(16-7) ended with a bang early. Chandler caught Patricky with a vicious right to the face and it sent the Brazilian to the mat. An explosive knockout punch lands the 155 title back in his hands.

The first round belonged to Kevin Ross(27-6) who came out smooth and tactical. Justin Houghton(6-4) remained in his face looking for opening of his own against the more experienced fighter. Each fighter traded shots but it was clear Ross landed where he pleased. The second round started with much of the same. Ross continued to land his kicks to the body and outside leg of Justin who still pressed forward. The end of the second saw a flurry for Houghton which was his best effort of the round. The third started with a nice trip kick by Ross who went back to work following up with a front kick to the face of Justin that he smiled off. The end of the round was all Ross as he hit Justin with a great knee to the body that dropped Justin. Once he was back on his feet it only took Kevin a matter of moments to return him to the canvas. It was a great fight for Kevin Ross showing why he is one of the best kick boxers in the world.

The gameplan for Ilima -Lei Macfarlane(3-0) early was to stay close to Rebecca Ruth(6-2) and bring the pressure. That’s what she did and was able to get Ruth to the mat twice. Even though Ruth was able to stand she couldn’t get free from the grip of Macfarlene who also land in a few good knees in the clinch. The second round was one for books as Ilima-Lei once again brought the pressure and got Ruth to the ground once again. That’s where Ilima-Lei went to work sinking the hooks for her first of two rear naked attempts that Ruth fought off. Still Rebecca could not free herself and eventually made a big mistake by standing up which allowed Ilima-Lei to get underneath her chin once again and finally pull off the rear naked submission.

The first fight for the kickboxing portion for Bellator Dynamite 2 was a flyweight contest between Gloria Peritore(13-3-1) and Denise Kielholtz(43-3). Both ladies came out firing on all cylinders with a early speed advantage by Peritore. She was able to lay in a couple good shots early to throw off the timing of Denise. In the second round the the front kick of Gloria was still keeping her at bay but Lady Dynamite started to pour it on deep into the round.had a great mix of strikes to the head followed by a outside leg kick that slowed down the Italian. In the third round it was anyone fight. The kicks to the head by Gloria finally found their mark but it was Denise who would score the next knockdown. The hands and kicks to the legs by Kielholtz really took their toll on Gloria. It looks as if the kicks made the difference as Gloria wins the fight by a split decision.

The first fight for the Bellator Dynamite 2 main card went to the heavyweights. After a brief feeling out period Carl Seumanutafa(10-7) drops Matt Mitrione (10-5) with a big right hand. After a missed submission attempt Matt was able regroup. He eventually got to his feet and while standing laid in some nasty kicks to the side of Semunautafa. The he dropped in for nasty shot of his own to win by a ground and pound.

The prelims were chalked with good fights for the mixed martial arts and kickboxing portions of the fight. Fantastic wins for Justin Lawrence (9-3) , Joaquin Buckley(6-0) and Chel Erwin Davis (4-1).

The full main card results from Bellator Dynamite 2 are listed below:
Quinton Jackson def Satoshi Ishii Lose icon red Split Dec
Michael Chandler def Patricky Freire Lose icon red KO/TKO, 2:14 R1
Kevin Ross def Justin Houghton Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
I. Macfarlane def Rebecca Ruth Lose icon red Sub, 3:00 R2
Gloria Peritore def Denise Kielholtz Lose icon red Split Dec
Matt Mitrione def Carl Seumanutafa Lose icon red KO/TKO, 3:22 R1

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