Kurtz does it again; Shamrock FC ‘Explosion’ Main Card Recap

On Friday night from the River City Casino in St. Louis, Mo Shamrock FC held it’s event Explosion in front of a packed house. The main event was a rematch between Adam Cella and Kyle Kurtz where once again Kyle found a submission in the scramble in route to victory. In the co main event Garret Gross submits Malcom Smith with a rear naked choke with one second remaining in the first round. Another action filled night and here is our recap of the main card.
The main event was a rematch but it could have been looked at as deja vu. Kyle Kurtz landed the first shot and Adam followed with a few of his own. It seemed as if Kyle found his mark once again and that’s when Adam went for the take down and Kyle found himself in a good sweeping position and trapped the arm of Cella and worked for the triangle. Once again he was successful in pulling off the submission a tad cleaner than the last time and picked up the defiant victory.

In the co main event Garrett Gross withstood the kicks of Malcolm Smith early and landed a big take down to start his attack. Garrett had his way with Smith and never allowed the returning fighter to get comfortable. With heavy pressure and a bevy of punches to the head he turned Malcolm to the middle of the canvas and with ten seconds left in the round grabbed the back of Smith and sunk in the rear naked choke with one second remaining. It was a dominate and fantastic performance by Gross.

The first round between Soctt Ettling and Cort Wahle started off in a frantic pace. Cort landed a few good shots before Scot shot for a take down. On the mat both fighters searched for position and a good sweep by Wahle out him in top position headed into the the third round. The second started similar as the fight became a grinder with both fighters once again heading to the canvas. In the second round is where Scott was able to get a hold of Cort and submit him.

In the feature women’s fight on the main card Susie Wyatt took on last minute replacement Ronni Lawrence. The game plan for Ronni was to get in and get out and that’s exactly what she did. She kept the pressure and distance on Wyatt the entire night and used her speed to stay away from the clinch of Wyatt. Susie was able to push Ronni against the cage late in the first round eventually Ronni escaped and used her superb boxing to land a few more shots to end the round. In the second is where Ronni found herself in trouble. She was still winning the round by out pointing and staying to the outside of Wyatt but found her self once again in the clinch and the eventually on the canvas with Wyatt on top. She worked for a triangle but Wyatt moved in position to stay away. After a quick scramble she gave up her back to Wyatt but was fortunate enough to get back on her feet. From there Ronni went back to her boxing and kicks to the outside leg which would ultimately lead to her success in the cage. The third round was more of the same which resulted in an unanimous victory for Ronni Lawrence.

In the first fight of the main card Dan O’ Connor took on the long and rangy Isaac Badger. The fight started off with O’Connor Attempting to get underneath the outstretched arms of Badger. Issac missed with a big front kick but eventually landed a hook that dropped Daniel. Isaac came down with a vicious elbow assault that cut the head of O’Connor. Dan kept fighting and tried for an arm bar but eventually Issac backed off and let him up. With his head bleeding Danny took another huge blow from Isaac that sent him to the canvas once again. From there O’Connor was able to reach the legs of Badger and worked for a heel hook. Issac almost tapped but regained position and landed some more vicious elbows to the head of O’ Connor. Dannny swept to end the round on top with some punishment of his on. In the second round both fighters clinched early and O’Conner landed a take down. Issac scrambled back to his feet and landed a take down of his own. Unfortunately his head was in position for O’Connor to get the guillotine. He did and caused Issac to tap. Great opening main card fight.

In the featherweight Championship match Aushton Midkiff faced Edrik Dillard after both fighters advanced with first round wins. In the title bout the fighters touched gloves before going into a clinch. On the mat Edrick was able to snag top position but Aushton stayed poised and in control. Edrick got off a few shots to the head of Aushton but that would not be enough. Midkiff used his long legs to climb the back of Dillard and faked a arm bar while still setting up the position for a triangle. Edrick was caught off guard as Aushton sunk in the submission which Dillard tapped in the middle of the first round. Two fights with two first round victories hands Midkiff the featherweight title and a three fight pro contact with Shamrock FC.

Up next for Shamrock FC is Shamrock FC: 272 from the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, MO. For tickets and ppv visit www.shamrockfightingchampionships.com

Image courtesy of Jimmy Range Photography / Shamrock FC

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