MMA Junkie’s John Morgan: “Tap the brakes on Conor’s announcement.”

Conor Mcgregor continued his pattern of buzzing the MMA world with his Tweets Monday morning when he revealed that he’s back on the UFC 200 fight card.



Some of MMA’s top reporters are skeptical of the validity of his claim however.’s  Ariel Helwani, maybe the most “Notorious” newsbreaker on the MMA beat has heard zero confirmation from his inside sources.

Ariel has a history of scooping the UFC on their fight announcements and has hinted on his show The MMA Beat that his firing from The UFC on Fox broadcasts stemmed from letting the cat out of the bag that Conor was rematching Nate Diaz to headline UFC 200.

Long-time MMA insider John Morgan is also getting no confirmation on the matter.


ESPN’s lead MMA writer Brett Okamoto has also heard no confirmation and makes an interesting point regarding McGregor’s potential lack of tactfulness if he did indeed jump the gun regarding his reinstatement on the fight card.



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