Conquer Fighting Championships: Building Their Monopoly at CFC 2

By Dave Madden @DMaddenMMA

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The days and hours continue spinning off the clock in a countdown to April 30, 2016; a time when the edge of the San Francisco Bay will be overthrown by mixed martial artists and their slough of passionate fans. Even at the stroke of midnight, the glass slipper corralling crazed cheers will maintain its Windexed glow when Conquer Fighting Championships (CFC) returns to Richmond, California to deliver another evening of memorable MMA at CFC 2.

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In CFC’s debut to Northern California’s MMA market, some may have presumed the rookie promotion bit off more than it could chew, but CFC’s executives, behind the authority of President Trever Johnson, are proving perception may not always be reality. In their second round, CFC will add items to any already crammed serving platter.

Photo credit to CFC

Back in November 2015, CFC 1 rattled the paned walls of the Craneway Pavilion like an earthquake shaking bottles on a shelf, and they plan to recycle many of the aspects that dressed their premier in an appealing gloss, such as: a smooth running event with fighter safety at the forefront; a gorgeous venue on the shore; opportunities for all in attendance to stand toe-to-toe with icons at the pinnacle of the sport; and an assortment of bonuses doled out to athletes who registered stellar performances. Without divulging too many secrets to CFC’s master plan, count on similar treasures at the end of April.

All the accoutrements garnishing CFC 1 never stole any attention away from the heat of haymaking leather or burning fatigue that sizzled in the center of CFC’s canvas. The chefs slated to serve the next course of entrees to those in attendance at CFC 2 have huddled up with their teams to strategize the perfect recipe for throwing the kitchen sink at their opponents. CFC 2’s menu of professionals includes:

Main Event: Buddy Wallace (9-5) vs. James Terry (16-9)

Co-Main Event: Juan Quesada (4-2) vs. Ray Cervera (6-5)

Jordan Williams (5-1) vs. Dwight Grant (4-1)

Shawn Bunch (4-3) vs. Khomkrit Niimi (3-6)

Mauricio Alonso (9-6) vs. Mike Persons (7-2)

Amir Lacy (8-0) vs. Myron Smith (1-2)

Bren O’neal (2-0) vs. Salvador Becerra (2-2)

Jordan Powell (5-6) vs. Mike Morales (5-5)

Eloy Garza (4-2) vs. Jeremy Murphy (2-3)

JT Donaldson (1-1) vs. Drey Mitchell (3-3)

Roger Severson (0-1) vs. Agapito Mendoza (6-2)

George Jordan (1-1) vs. Cody Sons (1-4)

Dustin Moore (0-1) vs. Brian Wilkinson (0-1)

**Bouts and order are subject to change**

In addition to the glorious buffet of MMA to feast on, CFC has paired with two partners that will flank the young promotion’s reach to grounds beyond the Bay Area’s boundaries, coupling with: Harley Davidson and Go Fight Live (GFL).

Photo credit to CFC

Twenty-four hours before show time, on April 29, the fighters will be revved into fifth gear with anticipation. The only thing louder than the roar of their stomachs may be the rumble of choppers because CFC proudly announces: they’ll be holding CFC 2’s weigh-ins at Oakland’s Harley Davidson store, located at: 151 Hegenberger Rd.

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Positive praise and words of encouragement repeatedly met CFC’s front office at the conclusion of CFC 1, except there was one note stuffed into their suggestion box. Without the ability to broadcast CFC 1 live, members of the MMA community were forced to sink their teeth into the experience from secondhand sources. Recently, CFC gelled with GFL to stream their sophomore show to households around the world. Everyone, via GFL’s pay-per-view stream (link here), is invited to participate in CFC 2.

Photo credit to CFC

Two shows deep with a global span, CFC forecasts no signs of slowing down, further detailing their footprint and pressing a firm place into the soil of The Golden State’s regional MMA landscape.

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