Steven Mann back in the win column; Shamrock FC ‘No Mercy’ Main Card Recap

Jordan Dowdy mixing up with Raymond Gray. Image courtesy of Jimmy Range Photography.
Jordan Dowdy mixing up with Raymond Gray. Image courtesy of Jimmy Range Photography.

It only took one round for Steven Mann (11-4) to find the arm of Kevin Brown (0-2) and submit him and place himself back in the win column. After landing a big kick to the head Kevin took Steven down and the scramble ensued which is where Steve found his arm. Kevin winced in pain and eventually tapped.

Jordan Dowdy (3-1) had to deal with the counter left hook of Raymond Gray (3-4) early. After Gray landed a few shots Dowdy got comfortable and found his footing. He laid out a bevy of kicks but it was a jab that finally stunned Gray. That sent Raymond to the canvas where Jordan went to work. He pounced on Gray and laid into him until the referee stopped it.

It was a great scrap between Montuelle Prater (0-1) and Brandon Lowe (1-1) but it seemed like Lowe wanted it more. The first round was a nice start for Prater who handled the over aggressive Lowe well. He must have gassed after staying on top for most of that round because his last two round efforts were the exact opposite. Brandon laid the heavier hands and on the ground took over. He neutralized the offense of Prater and spoiled his debut.

The Marco Hutch (1-0) verse Kelly Burch (0-1) was short lived. After a brief feeling out period Marco landed a kick to the body that Kelly used to attempt a takedown. Marco stuffed it and in a transition found the back of Kelly for a quick submission.

The ammy 155 title fight between Luis Pena and Evan Elder was a brawl of an affair. The fight was all Elder in the first round mixing up takedowns with big slams and controlling the pace. The second round worked in Pena’s favor as he went for a rear naked choke but was unsuccessful. The third round was more of the same as Pena found the back of Elders once again staying in control to finish off the round and snatch the victory and the title.

The night was filled with quick finishes and explosive efforts by everyone who competed. The prelims also saw a great fight between two new comers in the women’s divisions between Tiffany Axton and Stefani Lam. Up next for Shamrock FC is Shamrock FC XFN 7 on May 7th from the Lumiere Theater.

All images courtesy of Jimmy Range Photogrpahy.

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