“If I retired today I would be a hall of famer” UFC 197 press conference highlights

“If I retired today I would be a hall of famer” UFC 197 press conference highlights

UFC 197 is headed our way on April 23rd and today the promotion held a press conference with Jon Jones, Ovince St. Preux, flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo. As predicted most of the questions were focused on Jones and his time off and legal battles. There were a few surprises during the call such as DJ not feeling as if the flyweight title was being overlooked and OSP as cool calm and collected as he could ever be. Below are a few highlights from today’s press conference.

“It’s been a pretty wild year – I’m happy to get back to doing what i’m suppose to do.
“When my story is written and over I will be looked at as a role model” (Jon Jones)

“I’m not fighting to prove much to others, i’m fighting to prove much to myself. I feel like I have gotten better since i’ve been gone. I would be honored to fight at Madison Square Garden but the main question is will Daniel Cormier except that fight. I’ll fight him whenever.” (JJ)

“I just feel better, i’ve been clean for the past year now and just feeling better. (JJ)

“Winning the title will be right up there with Olympic Gold!” (Henry Cejudo)

“I think it’s ridiculous for someone to get a title shot off of a show there are many hard working fighters in the division that deserve to be placed there more.”(HC) -when asked about the TUF tryouts.

“I could retire today and be in the hall of fame.” “You guys know that.” (JJ)

“I feel like i hold some advantages over Jon being busier this last year” (Ovince St. Preux)

“I’m not worried about what anyone else has done in the past i’m going to make the best of this situation and opportunity.” (OSP)

“I’ll see what the ufc has for me next and go from there.” (Demetrious Johnson)

“Everyone has strengths and everyone has bad habits.” (HC) – on his matchup outlook with DJ.

“He’s fighting someone that has an competitive edge.” (HC) – on what Henry brings against Johnson.

“Anyway we can get flyweights on the main card is a good thing, seeing John Dodson on the prelims is shocking with what he is able to do. Even though it’s in a different division it still shows the type of talent we have in the division.” (DJ)

“At one point in time Jon was also given an opportunity and he made the best of it and that’s what I plan on doing too.” (OSP)

“I’m cool calm and collective heading into this fight.” (OSP)

UFC 197 Jones vs Saint Preux takes place on April 23rd from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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