Jon Jones Is A Free Man

After 48 hours behind bars former champion Jon Jones is a free man. Jones appeared before Judge Michael E. Martinez for his probation violation at his hearing in New Mexico Second Judicial District Court. Jones admitted the violation to the judge at the hearing. Instead of jail time the judge decided to add new provisions added to his existing probation. Jones agreed to attend anger management and driver improvement courses as well as do 60 more hours of community service within three months.Also included in the judgment Jones must get permission to drive from his probation officer. District Attorney’s office tried to get Judge Michael E. Martinez to add a nightly curfew on Jones from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., however Martinez declined that provision.

Tuesday Jones turned himself in at 10 am on probation violation charge after receiving five traffic tickets by officer Jason Brown of the Albuquerque Police Department last Thursday night. Jones was cited for five misdemeanor tickets during the incident, drag racing, exhibition driving, use of modification of exhaust system, failure to maintain traffic lane and improper display of registration plate. Although they are all misdemeanor offenses it is all down to if he violated probation. Jones was charged back in April of 2015 on a felony hit and run charge, where he was granted a 18 month period and 72 community service appearances.

You can read full details of his arrest here and view body cam footage of the incident here.

This news is great news for the UFC and shouldn’t put any damper on his rematch championship fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 in Las Vegas.

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