Team Alpha Male head coach, “I just think it’s all Diaz.”

On yesterday’s installment of the Team Alpha Male podcast Stud Show Radio, head coach Justin Buchholz called in from Las Vegas, where he’ll be cornering Darren Elkins in his bout against Chas Skelly in the Fox Sports 1 prelim opener, and gave his assessment of how the main event between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will play out.


“Diaz is way bigger, he’s huge for a lightweight… his height, he’s already really tall for the division.  And I think McGregor’s style, there’s a lot of things I’ve been seeing.”


“The way he knocked Aldo out, Aldo was running full-speed at McGregor, that’s why precision, timing won because Aldo knocked himself out getting overly aggressive.  You never see Diaz move forward that fast, ever, in his entire career.  He hangs back, he has really long arms, he’s hard to hit, amazing boxer.”


“As the fight goes on the (power) puncher’s chance of winning goes down.  So if we get out of the first round…it’s going to be a very interesting fight.  And I think Nate Diaz has everything to neutralize him if he doesn’t get caught early and I think he’s smart enough to avoid that.  I just think it’s all Diaz.”


“I also think Diaz is dominating the shit-talking now.  After he punked his little movement coach and said all that stuff I thought McGregor was at a loss for words and sat there not talking for a second, first time ever.  Also the Scrap Pack (Nate’s teammates) was seriously gonna jump McGregor when he hit his hand.  You didn’t see that idiot movement coach jump on stage with his pool noodle… He just sat there like a little bitch, and posted some shit on Instagram like a little bitch.”


It’s worth noting that TAM and the Cesar Gracie fighters cross train on occasion, so Bucholtz opinion may not be completely unbiased.


The show in its entirety


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