Mitrione appeals his loss to Browne

One of the favorite sayings in the UFC is “never leave it in the hands of the judges.” Well, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione is appealing his loss to Travis Browne in January to one judge – or more accurately, the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission.

As reported by MMA Latest News, Mitrione enlisted attorneys to file his appeal to the MSAC, citing in particular the alleged misconduct of Gary Forman, who was the referee of Mitrione’s fight against Browne, according to the MMA Latest News report. Forman did not penalize Browne for the eye pokes, even after the second infraction which made them appear increasingly deliberate.

The MMA Latest News report has the entire letter that Mitrione and his attorneys sent to the MSAC, which not only challenges Mitrione’s loss to Browne but also the licensing of Forman as the referee. As a result of the repeated eye pokes, Mitrione suffered heavy damage and swelling to his right eye, which was compounded by strikes from Browne that also resulted in Mitrione suffering a broken orbital floor.

Mixed martial arts journalist Duane Finley received a copy of Mitrione’s letter and in a series of tweets, surmises that Mitrione may have a strong case to have his appeal upheld. The fight against Browne was Mitrione’s last on his current UFC contract, and there is some rumors and speculation that Mitrione may look elsewhere.

The eyepokes from Browne looked rather blatant during his fight with Mitrione. If his appeal is denied, it would be a possibly bittersweet ending to Mitrione’s UFC career if he doesn’t re-sign with the organization.

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