“Congratulations Nate you’re rich now!” “Conor I am the show”; UFC 196 Press Conference Recap

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz square off at the UFC 196 press conference.
Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz square off at the UFC 196 press conference.

Wednesday’s afternoon press conference between number 6 lightweight contender Nate Diaz(18-10) and featherweight Champion Conor McGregor(19-2) did little to disappoint the fans expecting utter verbal chaos. This highly uncensored and unapologetic press conference had tons of one liners from both fighters who took on some questions at the UFC gym in Torrance, CA. The conference started about 30 mins late but the crowd did not care as they came alive the moment they saw both competitors walk in. Most of the questions were directed at Conor and he took full advantage telling the fans what he thought about Nate and the rest of the fighters in the the lightweight division. Evening mentioning the likes of Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo who have been proclaiming they were ready to fight Conor whenever, Happy that Diaz answered the call the former The Ultimate Fighter athlete said he has been wanting this for sometime and seemed more than happy with the payday. The link to the press conference is shown below including a few choice comments from each fighter.

UFC 196 Press Conference highlights:

Conor McGregor: I am the one who created this. This is his hometown but listen to the response to me. Frank didn’t show up, and Jose pulled out his camp.

Rafael with his bruised foot. Even Nate tried to exit.

I need to create my own belt. The McGregor belt

Nate Diaz: I came to say yes i’m ready to fight from the beginning. From a few months ago.

CM: I like to break the rules. I am the rules.

*Nate and Conor argue over if Nate wanted the fight at 155. Conor says he didn;t which is why they are fighting at 170. Conor calls him a chulo says ”he makes gang signs with the right hands and balloon animals with the left hands.” (in regards to a children’s jiu jitsu class Nate teaches).

*Nate Diaz says they are all on steroids and Conor calls him out saying don’t say my name. All I give a f**k about are checks and my checks are heavy as shit.

*Nate reminds everyone this America.

*Conor says Nate was out of shape because he kept changing weight.

Your teammates Gilbert and Jake were on steroids. Not me. (Conor’s response to Nate Diaz steroid allegations).

ND: You are on steroids!

Most of the questions of course were directed at Conor. McGregor thinks it will be over at the end of first, He respects Nate and says he’s not a pussy. Nate was having some microphone issues.

ND: Kill or be killed this is my strategy.

CM: Everyone else flat out went running from this fight.
CM: If the doctor slapped me under an x ray he would say what are you doing. (In response to RDA’s broken foot).

Nate will bring Nick to the red panties.

: I knew somewhere down the line I would run into Nate or Nick and I do enjoy this.

His understanding of ring control is very amatuer.

I fought grown ups the past ten years. You fight midgets.

Nate has plans to buy a whole bunch of that shit with his big payday and we would not expect anything else.

Full UFC 196 Press Conference:

UFC 196 takes place on March 5th, 2016 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

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