Lentz Smacks “Cranky Baby” BJ Penn With Another Round of Slam Prose

Today on Chael Sonnen’s podcast “You’re Welcome” lightweight Nik Lentz fired more shots at UFC hall of famer BJ chaelPenn, who has been training at Jackson’s in Albuquerque and may be taking a comeback fight in the near future. The two have gone back and forth in the media, trading insults and issuing challenges and ultimatums. When Chael asked the origin of the dispute Lentz replied:

“BJ reached out to me via Instagram (about fighting) at 145 in March, and he’s so used to people saying yes all the time he kinda expected me to be the same”…”when I didn’t he just started acting like a cranky baby.”

Lentz rebuts that he doesn’t fight at 145 and BJ shouldn’t either, he’s not fighting in March, and that BJ owes a debt to nutritionist Mike Dolce of $22,000 that he needs to settle before he’ll fight Penn. Lentz offers a solution to Penn concerning squaring the alleged debt:

bj-penn-mugshot-edit    “I was thinking maybe we could start a GoFundMe page to help pay off his debt you know? Like ‘This is BJ, he’s broke, help pay his debts, mahalo. With a picture of him petting a dog or something, or holding a bunch of balloons. I don’t know, anything but that mugshot of him beating up his friend in a crackhouse.”


Lentz suggests that once BJ pays his debt he should use his pull with the UFC to get the promotion to schedule a card in Hawaii in the summer which Lentz and Penn would headline. Chael credits Nik for his brashness, then begins to suggest that Nik maybe doesn’t have the ‘status’ to call out the hall of famer with such demands. Lentz replies:

“…BJ is a legend and I’m a mid card guy, I get it. I’m a jobber, I work hard. I work harder than most these guys do and I’m getting better. It’s a different time, with different athletes, different matchups, different testing…and there’s some great fighters out there and I’ve had my ups and downs.”

“But you know him coming at me doesn’t make me look bad it makes him look bad. It’s like a guy stopping his lamborghini in traffic to rob off a pickup truck’s dashboard. It says a lot more about the guy driving the lambo than the guy driving the pickup.”

Sonnen asks Lentz to comment on the brief time Lentz and Penn had trained together. BJ has claimed that he dominated Lentz and he ran from the gym crying (paraphrasing). Source MMAHour.

Lentz: “I showed up there and on the very first day on a total accident drilling…he hit me in the eye and I got a cut. They asked me to do a couple of rounds here and there and in the middle of the rounds I thought, ‘you know what, this is kinda stupid’. Maybe he was going a little hard with me having a big cut on my face, and I said I’m not doing this anymore.”

Chael was hoping that Nick would have a poem ready, and ‘The Carney’ didn’t disappoint.

“ You say that you’re ready, you say that you’re back.
I’m glad you’re doing pushups, and not doing crack.

You found a new gym, a new leaf you have turned.
But all that place is, is the next bridge to get burned.

You called me out, thinking I’d bite,
Because you’re a legend, and you and Dana are tight.

So when I responded, with terms of my own,
your brain started smoking, when fuses got blown.

At the thought that a jobber, a mid-carder at best,
could reduce you to an object of ridicule and jest.

I’ll tell you in March, I’m not planning to meet ya,
but this summer in Hawaii, I’ll be happy to beat ya.

I’ll beat you bloody, when the avocados are ripe,
I’ll beat you at Pipeline, stay off the pipe.

You say I’m a sheep, and say you’re a lion,
I’ll put you to sleep, you washed up Hawaiian.”

(drops the mic)

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