Shamrock FC Ultimate Recap: Bobby Brents Overwhelms Fred Brown In Heavyweight Clash

Bobby Brents slams Fred Brown / Photo courtesy of Jimmy Range
Bobby Brents slams Fred Brown / Photo courtesy of Jimmy Range

Saturday night from the prestigious River City Casino Shamrock FC held their final St. Louis event of the year. The action packed card “Ultimate” was a night filled with finishes, dislocations and a possible KO of the year. In the main event Bobby Brents retained his heavyweight title with second round finish over Fred Brown. The co main was an exhausting battle between Kendrick Latchman and Trevor Ward. It was the perfecting ending for a great year of fights for Shamrock Championships and gives so much more to look to heading into 2016.

In the main event between Bobby Brents and Fred Brown we saw two heavyweights willing to exchange early. Many thought the fight wouldn’t go too deep into the first round so we were all surprised at the initial clinch. Brents slammed Brown with ferocity and heading into the second round you could tell he was starting to gain an advantage. Brown inadvertently poked Bobby’s eye but once Brents was settled he started to lay in on him. He took a heavy shot to the body that made him wince but then verbally tapped because it seemed as if his shoulder may have been dislocated. It was that kind of night for the spectators at River City Casino.

One of the stranger fights of the night was between Trevor Ward and Kendrick Latchman. Trevor came out with an array of kicks which may have been his undoing. As Kendrick shielded himself he was able to get off a few outside leg kicks and combinations. Ward continued to pour on the kicks and you could tell by the second round they had taken their toll. He was completely gassed by the third so much that Kendrick toyed with him allowing him to stand after failed takedowns. The fight started off looking competitive and one can only assume how it would have went if Trevor implored more of a variety in his offense. It was a solid win for Latchman who immediately called out Ken Porter who he feels has been ducking him.

The feature bout was a brewing grudge match between Dan O’Connor and Nick Mclean. Unfortunately for the fans the fight was a little one sided. Neither fighter had much of an advantage on the feet until McClean found an opening. Once the fight got to the ground Mclean stayed poised. He worked well from the top keeping the guard of O’connor at bay. Eventually in the second Mclean poured down shots on Connor for the finish.

Matt Murphy steps up on short notice to take on Yohance Flager. Matt was able to avoid the kicks of Yohance but unfortunately not the takedowns. Yohance repeatedly slammed Murphy who went for a guillotine each time. Yohance tried for a wizard but Matt was able to stave it off. There was a break in action after a low knee by Flager. When fighting resumed Murphy was slammed again and Yohance went to work on his left arm again. This time he was successful pulling the arm behind Matt securing the shoulder lock and making him submit for the victory.

It’s been awhile since we have seen Aaron Highfill mostly due to injuries. He looked great in his comeback performance against Kevin Brown. Brown flashed some great kicks but kept his hands low each time. Aaron pulled off two great slam takedowns in the first round with ease. That set up the rest of the fight as Highfill grinded his way to a second round submission. It’s a great comeback win for Highfill who has to feel good about where he stands.

It didn’t take long for the fight between Lee Burns and Marc Godeker to be over. In the initial exchange Marc went for the clinch. Clearly he didn’t want to mix it up on the feet with the hard hitting Lee but it would not matter. Lee dropped him with a huge shot and pounced on Marc for the quick victory.

The prelims saw great wins for Ashley Samples and Cortavious Romerous who may have the knockout of the year in any promotion. Shaun Scott was also able to successfully retain his middleweight title with a win over last minute replacement Sam Tamayo.

Photos courtesy of Jimmy Range / Shamrock FC

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