UFC Week In Review #3: The Almost Perfect 10

Ten fights, nine wins, less than two years. On February 1, 2014, Neil Magny defeated Gasan Umalatov and started what is arguably one of the greatest two-year runs the sport has ever seen. Magny culminated this epic stretch with a hard-fought, short notice Split Decision victory over a game Kelvin Gastelum last weekend in the Main Event of UFC Monterrey, marking his second consecutive win as a late replacement. I look forward to seeing him take on a fellow top ten Welterweight after some rest and a full camp under his belt, maybe catch the recovering Matt Brown if the timing is right. Ricardo Lamas was intelligent and extremely calculating in his Unanimous Decision victory over Diego Sanchez in the Co-Main Event. He chopped Diego up with low leg kicks, and Lamas had him momentarily in trouble after a vicious body kick. To his credit, Sanchez visibly strained trying to hide how much that kick hurt him, but it was still painted all over his face. Ricardo Lamas needs to be in the cage with other members of the division. In my opinion this fight was little more than a ‘fun’ fight for the fan, and The Bully deserves to face the cream of the crop.


Well, the Semifinal fights on The Ultimate Fighter 22: Team Faber vs. Team McGregor have been set, and Team Faber representative Chris Gruetzemacher was the low man on the totem pole. Dana White named him the weak link, eliminating him from the competition due to his less-than-spectacular performance in the Quarterfinals. That leaves the ratio of remaining team members 6:2 in favor of Team McG. Sort of. Thanks to the preview commercial we already know Gruetz will get to step back into the competition and fight Artem Lobov due to an injury suffered by Martin Svensson. As usual, the team captains went at it for most of the episode but especially so during the cutting discussion, but at this point their back-and-forth exchanges all sound alike. Who cares, GO TEAM U.S.A.!


Speaking of Dana White, on the Rogan podcast he dropped the “bomb” of a potential Silva-Belfort II. A rematch of that fight that was finished in the first round (by the company highlight-reel staple Spider front-kick KO)? That’s big news? The sex pill guy vs. the TRT guy? The only win either of these two men had in or out of the Octagon in what feels like forever was nullified. But who knows, maybe without all of the bedroom and/or weight room advantages they used to enjoy these two legends will put on a good show…

After being dismantled by new Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm, the former Queen of MMA Ronda Rousey was medically suspended for what could be six months following UFC 193. The minimum she has to serve is 60 days, and after that the decision will be made based upon what her head CT looks like. I’m sure she is doing everything she can to get back to the big stage, and I’m hopeful that it will be a smooth process for her. However, if she doesn’t make serious upgrades to her skill set then I fear it won’t matter how long it takes her. Both contestants from the Women’s Strawweight Title Fight that served as the Co-Main Event, Champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Contender Valerie Letourneau, were also handed similar medical suspensions. It’s worth noting that Holm has to take some time off as well- she got 7 days mandatory rest. Somehow that still seems disproportionate to the amount of damage she incurred. Until next time my fine fight fan friends!


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