VIDEO: The Phenom, Wrecking Shop

There are few names in MMA which are synonymous with the sport. You have you Royce Gracies, Chuck Liddells, Tito Ortizes, Randy Coutures, Anderson Silvas and then you have your Vitor Belforts.

Quite remarkably Vitor Belfort has kept his name at the top of the sport for 19 years winning UFC accolades along the way at both Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight. Along with that Belfort has fought some of the best names in the sport including Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman, Kazushi Sakuraba, Rich Franklin, Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. The latter of which Belfort will be fighting in a rubber match 9 years since the first.

A lot is on the line this third fight, especially pride with both guys winning one fight a piece this will give the winner true bragging rights.

Now unless you have been hiding under a rock you will be well aware of the talent Belfort possesses and his legendary highlight reel over the last 19 years. Just incase you have been hiding here’s a taste of what to look forward to from ‘The Phenom’.

video credit: HerculesMMA

photo credit: MMAJunkie


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