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It’s hard pressed to find a day when a mixed martial arts promotion can do something extraordinary and possibly be on the chopping block at the same time. The ever intriguing World Series of Fighting promotion has had an interesting year by no stretch of the imagination. Mixed with extraordinary fight of the year candidate main events and polarizing out of cage antics with fighters from other promotions. In short 2015 will be a year that WSOF made an imprint. If it is good or bad is still yet to be determined. News broke this morning on the popular site Bloody Elbow that a lawsuit is being constructed against WSOF with multiple allegations involving financial issues, violations of NAC rules and disputes over international licensing rights. As horrible as that sounds for the promotion one fighter under the WSOF roster is set to do something special.


The good.

Current WSOF fighter, Marine Corps veteran and purple heart recipient Shane Kruchten (11-3) will be attending this years Marine Corps Ball. His wife has undergone knee surgery and will be unable to attend the ball with him. So he has extended an invitation to a Gold Star Mother who is the wife, daughter of a fallen Marine. He also hopes more Marines will follow suit. The 240th annual Marine Corps Ball will take place on November 20, 2015 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. This story was first reported by Eric Kowal for


The bad.


As not to take away from the extraordinary work of Paul Gift and Bloody Elbow here are some highlights of this impending lawsuit.


-WSOF Asia is the entity filing the lawsuit proposing that money was lent to MMAWC which is the operating party for WSOF. The money was lent in 2012 as the company was in a dire financial situations possibly set to shut the doors on the promotion.


-Abdel Aziz is being marked in the suit for a possible NAC code 467.104 violation. In layman’s terms his fight management company Dominance LLC has been targeted for unfair practices in favorable decisions for fighters under their banner in the WSOF promotion. It is also stated that Aziz was to be terminated by an acting party but that was blocked by another.


-Finally there is pending allegations against Keith Evans for overcharging reimbursement expenses and rebroadcasting fight library footage for profit.


These are all horrific and could really put on a stain on the momentum of this young promotion. We will do our best to keep you updated as things play out but we truly suggest you read the full article in detail by Paul Gift which includes the documents obtained by the website. WSOF is set to have an 8 man tournament for the lightweight number 1 contender spot.


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